Monday, November 30, 2015

Secular Fabric of 'LokMat'

       It was 29th Nov, Sunday Edition of Marathi daily 'Lokmat' carried an analysis on ISIS and their sources of funding. Because the article centered upon finance behind operations of ISIS, it carried an image of piggy-bank stamped with symbol of ISIS. Bare Facts right. But the fun is not in statement, its in interpretation and interpretation of the interpretation (don't interpret if your head's already dizzy) 

Lokmat, 29 Nov 2015
ISIS flag over Piggy Bank

ISIS Symbol : Meaning ?

          The white banner at the top of the flag reads: “There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” This phrase is a declaration of faith used across Islam, and is known as the shahada

Flag of ISIS

        Underneath is a white circle emblazoned with black writing reading "Mohammed is the messenger of God", which is meant to resemble the Prophet’s seal, similar to that used to close an envelope. Sourced from here / cached

Aftermath in India

Muslims Vandalize Lokmat Office over Pig alongwith Prophet Mohammad

  Lokmat's office was attacked in multiple places in Maharashtra. The copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper were also burnt at several places. An FIR was also registered against the cartoonist and the editor of the newspaper by Congress, Member of Legislative Assembly (Malegaon) - Shaikh Asif Shaikh Rashid.

The Interpretation

      So, the piggy bank could have been left for what is was - a piggy bank but no, some people reacted which was soon synchronized into attacks on office. FIR was registered. Threats of dire legal action called. The interesting part for me is - not the revenge attacks. If Muslim Community feels threatened - they have as much right to retaliate as me. What did catch my attention was the stoic silence of media and in some ways - the means of voicing this digression by Muslims.

Original Article by LokMat that sparked this protest

Why Violence ? Ok, leave it or try to ignore it assuming heat of the moment. Why No debate and intolerance over this un civilian mode of attack ? Dear Media, why so Tolerant ? So, in more ways than one - major media channels downplayed this event. No scorching tweets by our esteemed  Bindi Brigade nor were in sight - protectors of liberal voices of India

Aaj Tak downplays protest by Hindus over PK

Why do you crawl back in your slimy holes and try shunting down time when attacks are by Non-Hindus ? Do i forget the hue and cry you raised when Hindus protested over Shiva attired actor being degraded in PK. No you came back on us, called us 'In Tolerant', 'Violent' and 'Motived & Attention Seeker'. Well! Why not same adjectives for them, today ? Or you are afraid your offices would be vandalized next ?

Watchman of Saint Francis School removed after he refused being 'Converted'

The Interpretation of Interpretation

These are golden take-away points, representing true fabric of 'Secular' India. 

  • Secularism is used as 'Shield' by Media/Politicians when things become too hot to handle or they do not want to comment upon the obvious. So, Secularity will be safely invoked and applied when muslim brothers protest over ISIS Article but not when Shiv Sena workers butcher and sell live meat outside Jain Temples during Paryushan.  

  • Secularism and Community peace will be disregarded when Baba ramdev is Lathi-Charged and his tent burned, Jayendra Saraswati arrested midnight on Diwali, 600 police men gherao and lathi charge devotees of Asharam Bapu - but it will be used as a shield to protect Imam Bukhari of Jama Mashjid from his numerous Non Bailable Warrants.
    " Reprimanding the police for its failure to execute numerous NBWs on previous occasions for all these years, Metropolitan Magistrate Rajinder Singh issued fresh NBW against Bukhari and remarked that such inefficiency could not be tolerated. The magistrate also rubbished the contention of Delhi Police that they did not arrest Bukhari fearing communal backlash as he represented a religious community "
  • only because Asharam Ji is head of Hindu Institution we must not leave an opportunity go waste in ridiculing and showing fake stories of him, as doing otherwise means we are favoring him and hey ! that's not secular. And on other hand we must firmly close our eyes - when allegations over peoples of other religions surface up , because disturbing Pastor Jacob John over alleged raping of 13 Minor Girls in Christian Grace Home or those 63 Kerala Christian priests facing offenses including murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft and cheating may disturb the 'secular' nature of India and make minority community uncomfortable

    Grace Home - Father Jacob John is accused of raping Minor Girls here since months
    You could read more about Imam Bukhari Non-Bailable warrant and non- arrest here/ cached. Grace Home News are covered here/cached. Also, provided is a reference to 63 Kerala Christian priests here/ cached.

Subramanian Swamy : Interview Transcript 1

        Its 23rd April 2015, both media and Jodhpur City is on revved up because Dr Subramanian Swamy is scheduled to visit Jodhpur today. Its not a political meet-up rather he is here to meet renowned Asaram Bapu, lodged in Jodhpur Central Jail under judicial custody since Sep, 2013.
                The case has garnered enough eyeballs as is. A complex amalgamation of die-hard followers, daily incessant crowd at Jail & Courtrooms, Media's sleazy reporting s and a war between faiths. We bring up first of a series of Subramanian Swamy transcripts related to this case. Please scroll down for Dr Swamy's transcripts below.

Asharam Bapu interacting with Media, on same day before Swami's Arrival

Media: Bapu HariOm

Bapu: HariOm HariOm

Media: Subramanian Swamy is coming.

Bapu: Yes, he is coming today.

Media: What will he say.

Bapu: I can't tell, you are only informing me today, oh one more person mentioned his
arrival today.

Media: So what will you say to him, when he comes ?

Bapu: Me? Whatever God makes me speak so, i'll speak.

Asharam Bapu while arriving at Jodhpur Session Court

Media:  Bapu, Subramanian Swamy is coming to meet you today.

Bapu: Subramanian Swamy is coming. I appreciate and thank him. He knows me since long. I too am acquainted with his gentility. He is not a lawyer of rupees and paisa. He comes out of service. Ok Thank you (Turns to move)

Media: Do you have your hopes pinned on him ?

Bapu: I have my hopes on God, I also have hopes from lovers of God, i have my expectancy even from you !

Media: Is he coming with ModiJi's message ?

Subramanian Swamy attests - Rape Case against Asharam Bapu to be ground-less

Bapu:  No No, he won't come with message from Modi Ji. Lets go (chuckles) now you all have started cooking your imagination - do not deform this. Value and necessity is to speak truth. If it would have been my mistake, Subramanian Swamy won't hesitate in telling me so. And if the case would be bogus, he won't fall back in proclaiming so.

Media: How much more time would it take ?

Bapu: See, barber does not cut his own hair, Doctor does not treat his own self, lawyer does not fight his own case, and saints too never toil to benefit themselves. 

Media: Do you have faith (left) on someone ?

Bapu: I believe only on your father, and your father is that same... Everyone's good... (Everyone's up-liftment)

Media: Is Jailer treating you harshly in jail ?

Bapu: See let only good happen to everyone and Subramanian Swamy is on side of truth, I'm happy for that. 

" Whoever be the person, very great or powerful but Subramanian Swamy will fearlessly take the bulls by his horns - if the person's actions are in disharmony with India's. And in whichever corner of the world may a person be, mountains of abuse and insult are perched upon my shoulders, yet he comes without beckoning. Such nobility "

Media: Somewhere there would have been in your heart - he is coming soon or late. Have some hopes arisen now ?

Bapu: I have that same faith arising in me... Shall i reveal it?

Media: Tell us Bapu - When will your 'acche din' come ?

Bapu: My bad days have never even come.

Media: Then tell your "Mann Ki Baat"  

Bapu: Modi too hosts talk shows, i too would reveal Feelings of my Heart. My 'Mann Ki Baat' is however the situations, do not treat them as eternal truth. Only truth is your soul. Its eternal and conscious. Never think bad of anyone, Never hope that bad happens onto someone. And never actually do bad of others. Whatever you get in return, reposing candidly conquer all extremities and be liberated and great soul.

Subramanian Swamy : After coming out from Jodhpur jail


Swamy: I met Asaram Bapu Ji. Since we too have knowledge about procedures and law. I studied about the scenario here. I was very surprised after I came to know that he is now in Jail since last 18 months, that too when the case is only in its investigative stage. I Understand, India has created a new record - in keeping a person in jail for so long in these types of cases.

Actual culprits like Jayalalitha and Lalu are out on bail after appeal, even after being convicted. So there is no reason for him (being denied bail)

According to the last order of Supreme Court in this case, all pr-requisites for granting bail stand fulfilled.

I hope in the coming days, a new application be filed here and he should be granted bail and comes out free.

Questioner: Will you be fighting his case?

Swamy: That i'll be deciding. He only suggested me to fight his case. I understand that he has been denied justice big time.
" After seeing  the materials, I would conclude that this case is baseless and i also know for sure, that Sonia Gandhi is stoically bent upon destroying him (Asharam Bapu). This is because he resisted religious conversions. People who were converted to other religions by use of force/ gifting basic amenities esp among tribal or rural India, he bought them all back "

Many Hindu preachers had to face this discrimination and abuse during UPA.

As you must be aware, that Shankracharya of Kanchi who is the most revered figure by all Hindus, at least in south, was framed and put to jail in fake murder case.

I took full interest in that case too and Shankracharya Ji was fully acquitted with due respect and such are the ways of nature that Jayalalitha, who framed him then, is now on verges of being jailed herself.

In essence this monstrous demonic treatment with saints (initiates minutes Karmic law ) and leads to betterment of the whole society.

Questioner: But don’t you think that Asaram Bapu is facing scores of allegations in land acquisition, black magic, killing of Gurukul’s students and many such cases. Should you be fighting case for such a person ?

Swamy: See, I am not focusing on all ‘such cases’. to get bail is his fundamental right and I will be fighting for that only.

Questioner: so are you fighting only for his bail in this case?
Swamy: Naturally, I fight only for cases in public interest. I don’t interfere in other petty cases or personal cases related to say internal corruption or Ashram.

This is an open case where a Religious Guru has been kept in judicial custody without granting him bail.

Subramanian Swamy takes the nation by storm - Asharam Bapu arrested upon Sonia Gandhi's reckoning

Questioner: so will you apply for bail in Supreme Court?

Swamy: No, bail application starts from (lower session courts) here only

Questioner: Sir, in Gujarat too he has been booked under a similar case.

Swamy: I don’t know about that. I have not studied that case. And I won’t be calling Jodhpur case 'forged' but I know that this case does not stand legally.

Firstly, right from starting, why was the FIR lodged in Delhi, when incident is of Jodhpur that too after delay of 5 days ? According to prior judgements of Supreme Court, no police station lodges such a complaint. They call up the police station in Jodhpur and tell them, that such a case has arrived and we are sending it to you.

So, It’s really surprising that in spite of all this Delhi Police lodged such an FIR but all these are ingredients for trial arguments. Today, all the terms dictated by the Supreme Court for application of bail, have been fulfilled and now, we can apply for the bail.

Questioner: what terms?

Swamy: That the process of all the key witnesses who had to give statement, should be completed. That’s almost completed now.

before Lok Sabha 2014 elections, Narendra Modi had released an order that none of the political leaders would stand in support of Asaram Bapu

Swamy: Really? This is like.. Why don't i remember any such thing.

Questioner: No, he created this rule for all his party members

Swamy: Rule ! Really? 

Questioner: Yes. After that none of the politician stood out for him

Swamy: Okay, I will ask Modi that if he created any such writ, why didn’t he inform me. (laughs) OK.

So, this is it. I must say, Subramanian Swamy is lion among sheep. On one side, we have people who fear speaking even the obvious whereas on other hand, we have this persona doing everything selflessly , facing someone's else share of abuses just because he is not an eunuch to back away even after knowing the truth. Let the righteous side win.