Saturday, October 17, 2015

Asaram Bapu did not touch the girl (Original Medical Reports)

Probably for the first time, we present in the original medical reports of accuser girl who alleged attempt to molestation on Asharam Bapu. The girl, surprisingly enough tells tales of harassment and use of force and misbehavior that lasted on for more than a hour and an half. Not surprisingly enough, medical report plain negated her statements. SEE HOW ?
medical report, no rape, attempt, asaram bapu framed ?
As evident, from highlighted passages, there is No physical assault and penetration. This medical report was conducted by Dr Shalija Verma of LokNayak Hospital, Delhi. She was government or in this case Jodhpur Police appointed medical officer. Yet, first page of this medical report clearly affirms no assault.

Also, Swami Nithyanand, over course of one of his discourses has said that,Asaram Bapu is innocent and kept his views based on legal consultancy and after analyzing medical reports.

" I'm telling you very clearly. I have consulted with some of the doctors who usually give these medical reports. I spake to some of them and asked their legal opinion based on their medical report. They said, Swamiji based on medical report we are 100% sure there is neither rape nor attempt rape. Not even sexual assault. Because a minor's skin will be very soft, if an assault is there the mark will be there for at least next 3-4 days.They said no rape happened. No attempt rape. "
Coming back to medical reports, it further states that there is no signs of either sexual assault or physical assault. Also, her hymen was found intact. This medical report was conducted on 20th Aug 2013, days before he was Asharam Bapu was finally arrested. Pretending to be a routine questionnaire, he was taken by police to Jodhpur. Hours after he took names of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi as people who are trying to frame him up in crime, he was finally arrested and has not been let out till today.

No assault hymen intact accuser girl lying ?
Its strange when, one such important piece of evidence is completely shunned away from general public both by media and investigating authority. In spite of zero evidence, rape clauses have still been charge-sheeted by Jodhpur police. We live in such democracy today where convicted Salman Khan or Lalu Prasad Yadav are not just let go by media houses but are in fact venerated and also promoted. But using same instruments, we wish to convict Asharam Bapu here with no proof. This medical report will surely play an important role in the court, if and when it is fully recognized for what it is : NO RAPE BY ASHARAM BAPU

Oh! I almost forgot : fact that jailing Asharam Bapu would impart a huge blow to Hindu community and its religious face worldwide is of no importance. Consequently, task of reconverting those thousands of tribals who were still in Hinduism, due to altruism of Asaram Bapu organizations would become way too easy, holds no legal implications. So ignore it.

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