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Media in glee over Teacher being suspended for worshiping 'Asharam'

                    A news article is doing rounds these days, which is of a school teacher in some distant village of Barmer, Rajasthan who has been suspended from teaching because he used to worship Asharam Bapu while in school. Bizarre, isn't it ? Human Rights activists may claim that choice and object of worship isn't a preemptive ground for civil punishments but then it seems laws and common sense change over-night only when the accused is 'Asharam Bapu' or anyone being related to him !

Will destroy anyone who stands up in support of Asaram : India TV

                    I do recollect an audio clip purportedly of a recorded call conversation between a viewer and India News Channel Customer Care representative wherein, the woman very firmly and non-nonchalantly affirms that India TV Channel is bound on destroying image of any and everyone who is a supporter of Asharam Bapu ! Well, and the Irony ? Asharam Bapu supporters have only increased in past 2 years, claims TOI after their survey covering period from his arrest since Sep, 2013. (I am sharing the youtube link of recorded conversation : at 02:48).

                   Well Well, Media proposes God disposes. Then there's again the issue of how you portray and investigate this issue. More colorful and consequently, scripted by imagination media reports chime in about how the teacher used to 'force' students to bow down before Asharam Bapu's photos, not to mention make them do his 'pooja' and task them onto memorizing 'Asaram Chalisa'. Now, at this point let me make one thing very clear. I have been acquainted with what media calls Asaram Bapu's Cult/franchise/organization for more than a decade. Had there been anything such as 'Asaram Chalisa' it would have been widely publicized and orated atleast to his followers. But i assure you, 'Asaram Chalisa' is nothing but a figment of Media's mission to defame him. The only doubt i harbor is - whether all of it is personal vendetta or as Ishkaran Bhandari puts in - 'a Paid campaign against Bapu' ? Have your choice.

The Original Coverage of facts : Hindustan Times

                      Coming back to the topic in hand : strolling through all related news articles, one that caught my attention was a more than detailed coverage by Hindustan Times, which did not stop at usual suspended- inquiry is on template but also covered Villager's reactions and did include some visual shots as well.

                     Some important excerpts from the article here / cached. " However, on Saturday morning, another group of villagers reached the school, locked its gates and protested against the teacher’s suspension. Khinchi said that the protesters claimed that the teacher used to preach Asaram’s lesson to the students earlier, but he had stopped doing so after a warning. Citing that the teacher was sincere towards the students, the protesters demanded that his suspension be revoked."

                What's wrong with the photo ? It shows a calender, some books published by Asaram Bapu's ashram so naturally bearing his photo on cover page and i am not sure but some stickers as well. Now, the question even if the teacher had given this to any student - why didn't the students/families refuse or politely decline ? All this pics appears to be of  Teacher's personal room or staff room. So, how does pasting anyone's photo in their own personal space warrant a suspension ?

Source : Hindustan Times

The Salient Points :

1. The Teacher being a follower of Asaram Bapu had related materials with him. Probably, he passed on some of it to people around him including his students to read. People objected to it, he stopped handing them out.

2. He is a very dedicated and sincere teacher, so much so that even when he has been suspended and being abused by Media - a portion of villagers actually stood out to protest against his suspension order. And this is a very big thing ! Soliciting a loyal band of supporters even in midst of allegations can never be possible without force of character.

3. Media taken pics only show photos of his Guru, which he has got in his School. Nowhere does it show any other objectionable material whatsoever. Villagers confirm, he never forced anyone to follow his Guru (as if that is even possible ! Oops sorry we do have Jailalitha and Congress )

This may be a village brawl being thrown out of proportions because it suits media's agenda of tarnishing Asharam Bapu's image. The teacher's only mistake if any is he is Asaram Bapu's disciple and refuses to forsake his devotion on face of being 'forced' to forsake it.

Paid to defame v/s Paid to extol

Because my Media is a two-faced bastard ! Lets have a look :

These photos depict the shock and outrage followers of certain political leader showed over her arrest in September, 2014. None of the media reports painted them black, calling them blind. All we ever got was an attempt to downplay the violence and instead prove Jaylalitha innocent because Hey ! Media too has a living to make ! Dont mess with them, they appear incensed and angry enough :)

Thumping over opponents photos because their leader was arrested in his regime. No Name-calling.  Asaram followers are called stupid and debunked whenever they point out how Sonia Gandhi plotted their Guru's fall !Mind you, Subramanian Swamy , Kailash Vijayvargiya assert the same.
Attempt to suicide over Jaylalitha's arrest. No debates of obstructing the justice, taking laws in their hands, being hooligans etc. Media was dying to extend a tissue to the grieving followers but if its Asharam Bapu - Media calls you : Gunda of Asaram even if you stand near court to have a glimpse of the court-house.

Larger than life propaganda to re-establish the notion that all is well ! Just as in with Tarun Tejpal. Awww.... he just got carried away ! Folks he deserves not just a second but billion chances. Awwwww.... Money matters :)

The tone of Coverage 


                               When we give an institution immense power, a credibility to start with and our good faith - Do you know what happens ? We give them the power to fight against those far mighty than them. The proverbial story of war between 'pen' and 'sword' has always fascinated me. But then it came to present day reality. What happens when 'pen + sword' combine to suppress an innocent ? Then we get Gandhi and Indians fighting against Britishers and Indian traitors. Then we get Shankaracharya fighting to prove his innocence, his organization & his successors he built every other day in his Life. When Media backstabs the silent citizens of this country we get Indian Express headlining "And THEY hanged Yakub", Media is a very important organization but it should not be given powers this high, that in case they breach - we have no counter mechanism to stop the tyranny that may follow. Call it my opinion but its time Indian Media is hauled and held accountable for lies and fabrication they serve us everyday just for few TRP Points.


                               And this is what happens, when Media instead of trying to bring to justice celebrities like Salman Khan or Sanjay Dutt is busy applauding them. Just because it pays. And sadly enough the same Media concocts lies around Sadhvi Pragya (the whole case against her has fizzled out, with no proof in hands even after 7 or so years). The media was the one to jump on defaming Swami Nithyanand over his CD but then why not the same treatment for Singhvi or the others. Till date, no conviction could be bought against Swami Nithyanand, with 3 forensic reports from foreign labs declaring the Original sex CD as bogus and artificially constructed. The same is evident in Asharam Bapu case, Media has shouted and shouted indecencies over 75 yr old him but now evidence has come into light that, Asharam Bapu and the girl were not even present together at alleged place and time of incidence. (Call records of girl shows her chatting with her friend, over an hour) where late she claims she was with Asaram Bapu. So. whom do we believe now ? Media or the new Truth that has come into light?

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Subramanian Swamy : Interview Transcript 2

Its 19 June, 2015. Hopes and prayers are high on roads of Jodhpur. Bail Application has been applied praying release of Asharam Bapu. Media, this time is scared and cautious: they cover the basics but do not let the actual interviews and words of Subramanian Swamy leak. They do not want the Nation to know the actual reasons why he is fighting for Bapu. We bring you this interview transcript to shatter those boundaries and harbors you have built against Mr Swamy for taking up His Highness's case.

Subramanian Swamy speaks...

Subramanian Swamy accosted by Media at Jodhpur Airport

All arguments have been closed and orders kept reserved which will be made public tomorrow. Whatever the arguments, all of it is kept confidential as it is an in-camera proceedings. So, i too would not comment on it. However, let me make this much very clear - the case against Bapu - Asharam Bapu [Crowd cheers - Swamy Ji Hail to you. Victory to you. Subramanian Swamy Smiles, says - all are devotees and waves hand to acknowledge their sentiments ]

We keep our hopes constructive. We have been winning all cases so far and wish to win this too. But as far as the case itself is considered - it is completely unfounded. It has got no legal basis to support it. This is very unfortunate and shameful, that such a great saint who when fearlessly tried stopping religious conversions* following which, all powers of world are now behind him. This case has been registered upon veiled directions of Sonia Gandhi. In our perception, ultimate justice would be when entire case will stand dismissed. and cases registered against them who accused such blatancies in the first place

* (of Hindus to other faiths - often under pressure of poverty, lures or under hopes of better amenities offered by missionaries in India)

Question : What were the arguments today ?

Today's session cant be disclosed, its secured. in a nutshell, we have shown how every statement of theirs stands negated. I have given my reasoning but I cannot reveal what actually were the arguments and what they have said;

Question : When will the decision on bail be announced ?

Results will be declared tomorrow.

Subramanian Swamy being welcomed at Jodhpur

Subramanian Swamy along with Ishkaran Bhandari [left] earlier in the day

Question - In Lalit Modi episode, Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have been implicated on charges of corruption. Will Modi Govt do anything ?

The Hindi, 30/09/2011 : Rahul Gandhi detained in Boston by FBI
Do you remember that Rahul Gandhi was caught in Boston ? He was apprehended with 1,60,000 $ in cash which means around 10 Crores. And with a pouch containing white powder. It could have been - papaver samniferum (Poppy Opium). I do not know  identity of its content for sure. He was caught and arrested. Then Sonia Gandhi came and cried in front of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Then Atal Bihari Vajpayee intervened and relayed a message to office of President Bush. After which he was let go. However, none of the fleet of you reporters had this big stomach-ache then ?

Media : No- No. Why do you relate this incident with ... [Overlapping voices!]

Yeah. So first, i recognize that 'Just because someone did a mistake, you too have procured the right to do the same' is not a valid reasoning. This is completely alright. But i wish to reveal into actual agenda of you all reporters - in never mentioning that event anywhere again ? Smriti Irani gave a false degree but Sonia Gandhi gave a fake statement under oath of law. That she has got a degree from Cambridge University. But none of you are ready to even mention it once.

Question : [Voice Unclear] ...Modi had promised a corruption free governance but this seems corruption-full governance

I feel that first of all, corruption among-st Media journalists should be cleared. Anchors such as - Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, go investigate them first. Now, when you say corruption free country was promised - i personally never said so. I only said that when & wherever corruption of any kind comes to my notice, i'll not stand back and file due legal cases. And i continue to do that. Even today, i filed case against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald Case and summons have been issued. But no one highlights it ? 

Asharam Bapu followers shower Swamy's vehicle with flowers

Question - What do have to say upon Asharam Bapu's bail tomorrow ?

According to Supreme court, and whatever judgements i have cited Asharam Bapu should get bail tomorrow. This is my view point. But eventually right now its in hand of the judge, if he does not rule in our favor. I would go out on appeal.

I have done my best to prove that he (Asaram Bapu) has been implicated and has been kept in prison just on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Missing Chanchal Mishra, No Reproves by Court

Is Chanchal Mishra Stalling Court Proceedings ?

This world is a curious place to live in. More so, when people start acting so differently in same cases that you start doubting if that's the same guy talking. Hail to prejudice and bias. This supposed bias that people have against under-trial Asaram (Bapu) stands exposed once again by court (non) rulings in curious case of non-availability of Police Officer Chanchal Mishra.

Because, i don't want to bore you all with pretty long records of proceedings or in any way seek to prepare an official complete case out of this. I just keep some brief points of importance here -

Starting from Dec 1, Chanchal Mishra has repeatedly failed to appear before court on 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and now 8th Dec. This means out of 8 days, court has convened for 5 days but was unable to proceed further in finding out the truth because Chanchal Mishra did not come.

Tracking back from Nov 30, Chanchal Mishra could not show up in court for cross-hearings on 23rd, 7th, 6th, 4th, 3rd, and on 2nd. Pujya BapuJi could not come on 19th and Judge on 20th and 26th. All in all, out of 30 days, court convened on 12 days of which it functioned only for 3 days.

Then comes the month of Oct, (Ok not speaking ideally, I'm on backtrack, remember :}). So, due to inadequate police, BapuJi couldn't be bought on to court on 5th, so I guess the court didn't function as before on that day too. Then, Chanchal Mishra did not come for 17th, 16th, 14th and 1st.

Tracking Jodhpur - Chanchal Mishra Court Proceedings
Tracking a graph for these, we find this that out of 69 days available from Months of Oct-Dec (till date), court could only convene for 30 days, even of which Non-Availability of Chanchal Mishra herself, led to 15 days of non-functioning, while Other Reasons amounted to loss of 4 days. But then Edison Haines once quoted, "Law is not justice and a trial is not a scientific inquiry into truth. A trial is the resolution of a dispute"

Orders Passed by Jodhpur Courts :

The other very important inference, I personally draw out here is the reaction of the court itself. Recently when, defense side requested for call records of the accuser girl and her family from dates of August 13 to 16th, 2013 because that had not been put on records till date, the sitting judge promptly rejected this by quoting - These details should have been called during the testimony of the victim and her family in the trial court. "But seeking them now at the fag end of the trial, is just a move to stall the trial".

And very very surprisingly, when the prosecution (Girl's Side) moved a request to  summon the nodal officer of the telecom company by whom the call details was provided to the investigation officer. The defense in its argument, retaliated that - 'defense of the accused has already been closed and it would be prejudiced to allow this pray of prosecution'. Then what was the judgment passed? Testimony was closed here too but No! The Judge allowed summoning the nodal officer of the telecom company with a liberty to the defense to cross examine him. I guess both orders were released during same time period.

Chanchal Mishra Absent
 Chanchal Mishra absent again on 16 Oct 2015

Jodhpur Trial Court

8 Dec, Case Update

19 August 2015











This glaring non-attendance finds no details in Media.

Had I been an RTI Activist or the above passages been in support of prosecution or to be specific, in horrendous opposition of Asharam Bapu, I would have got thumping on my back, probably coverage on other sites and wide-spread circulation. But as is the case, I have to content with a place on my own blog. Anyways, continuing on the story...

Chanchal Mishra, a sworn officer on duty is bound to do her work diligently and without delay. As such, appearing for court trials and keeping her investigation on records and participating in questioning and cross-questioning from both defense and prosecution is one such task. Yet, we wonder what is it that impend her regular attendance at Jodhpur Court these days? Of course, we understand she is a police officer, no wonder a dedicated, hard-working and capable lady and So, in no way do I mean to even suggest that she is showing any dereliction towards her duty. We also understand that we live in 21st Century where means of communication are considered to be very fast and reliable. What then does it take for Chanchal Ji to place a simple communication protocol to concerned departments per-mediating her schedule of attendance? Why that court everyday adjourns to convene on subsequent day, keeps waiting till and more from destined time, and then facing defeat adjourns for the day? 

If Chanchal Mishra is on leave, surely the court would be appraised of the same. And court without wasting people's money and both Asharam Bapu's time and efforts, give a suitable date or fix an alternative agenda for the day. But No! Neither does the court take cognizance of the fact that continued absence of Chanchal Mishra is "STALLING" the day-to-day proceedings of this very important case which is to be already run of Fast-track but it also does not fill the time in.

Who is Wasting Public's Money ?

Recently, News24 had organized a debate targeting Asharam's railway travel to Delhi for AIIMS Medical Checkup as a tool of how few men wring in even the justice system to their comfort, or how defense is wasting huge amount of taxpayer's money by traveling in train and getting diagnosed with all types of diseases. When Asharam Bapu travels from Jodhpur to Delhi in Mandore Express, whose fare is a mere 960?- the media goes berserk howling in madness and grief. But When Sanjay Dutt gets easy pay-roll or food from 5-Star Hotels, where do the same media go? 

Also, relevant in one of Subramanian Swamy 's tweet regarding taxpayer's money in this case, which reads -  as below. This was tweeted on 6th July this year, and garnered a response from Former Ambassador to Japan, from Nepal.

Subramanian Swamy to Rajnath Singh
"I told the Home Minister Rajnathji today that the case against Asaram Bapu is bogus and public money should not be wasted on prosecuting it "

Bail Asaram Bapu
Dr. Bishnu Hari

"Better we appeal to Indian Judiciary that what harm the secto-genarian Asaram Bapu ji will do if granted bail? Nepal"
This, my article, is not in a bid to target Chanchal Mishra or anyone personally or disrespect Indian Courts in anyway. I am sure, there are so many noble and selfless police officers out there and Chanchal Mishra could be one of them and Courts which have guts to uphold cases like Shah Bano even on front of united opposition by legislatures are sure to be respected. I only write this, in a way to highlight some of the passages which I find to be inconsistent and in opposition with each other.

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इशारों ही इशारों में कौन सा सच कह गए 'आशारामजी बापू' ?

हिन्दी मे पढ़ने के लिए नीचे जाएँ । Please read this article in English from here.
Asharam Maharaj says, truth is my shield

This incident is from Jodhpur, Rajasthan. A city which has been drenched in hues of 'BabaGiri' since last two years. Sometimes you could make out Police doing brutal control on followers of Asharam Bapu or you could mark out the devotees prostrating themselves on dust. Media does not leave behind a chance to run stories on him and his bhakts do not leave behind a chance to even take behind 'dust' of the road from which Asharam's Vehicular entourage just passed. This tug-of-perspectives has now reached its extreme, in so much that today, 1 Dec 2015 when media personnel asked Asharam Bapu as to whose conspiracy do you believe is all this ? Bapu quipped - 'yours'. Naturally enough, both Media and Bapu quickly followed this with a bout of laughter but this bit has got my minds churning. What if Media actually had a huge play in this all this extreme polarization of views in and against Asharam ? We bring in to you this post around these facts-

1. Komal Malhotra recants her story -

Aren't you all now thinking, who is this Komal Malhotra ? Never caught her anywhere in Asharam Bapu's case before, Well keep scrolling and you should know soon enough.

Komal Malhotra recuperating

                           I wish to keep dirty side of Media's face before you. Today that you see me standing before you all, i feel it wouldn't have been possible without my Guru's grace. I have recounted my experience many times in Delhi's Jantar Mantar but this is the first time i have this opportunity to say-it-all here. I was shot close-range on 29th July 2013. I was sweeping front gates of my house, when i observed that some goons are misbehaving with a woman. They are trying to snatch away some goods from her, and regularly insulting her. I saw, no one in the vicinity was coming forward to saught out the issue. I however felt as if BapuJi is speaking to me from inside. He's saying that - "If you have actually listened to my discourses in true sense, it is the time to bring them into actions. Go my daughter, go and try to save this woman" So, i felt when my Guru is telling me, i must go on to fight irrespective of the fact that there were two goons in front of me. When they slapped the woman on her face and pushed her on ground, i called out, "Brother, that's enough. Now if you don't leave her, i'll hit you with my broom." He however did not comply and my Guru's strength was with me. When i saw the woman being slapped second time, i quickly went in and attacked him with my broom. He had her gold chain in his hands, which he threw (possibly to distract us), picked it up again and started running. In all this heat, the woman regained some consciousness that someone is trying to help her, so when the goon started running away i tried catching him. The woman besides me also jumped in to catch him. In a bid to protect himself, he sat on bike. His accomplice already had the bike ignited with his helmet in place. The snatcher took out a gun from under his shirt, i was standing almost laterally to him. I had no prior intimation that he could be carrying some sort of weapons at all. He shot at me. At that time, my hand was hanging tilted just before me as i was carrying my broom in it. The bullet grazed my index finger and entered my heart. I saw my shirt has got torn and a pool of blood forming around my finger. After this, i went in to the doctor's and had two surgeries performed - one on index finger and other on my heart.

                     I wish to tell you, i got five bravery awards from Delhi Police, Women Commission and Bitta Ji. But, that day when i was on bed of ICU and my bullet had just been removed, a senior reporter of DD Metro came by. Mine incident is of 29th July and the first FIR filed against Asharam Bapu was on 21st August. So, till then there was no outcry in media whatsoever. Media hadn't been  doggedly defaming him just yet. She addressed me, "Child, you seem very small for your age". I was then resting on Hospital's couch. My bullets had just been removed and for 2 days i had neither to eat or drink or exert myself in anyway. Because bullet had hit my heart and lungs are very close anatomically, even if the bullet had moved a bit, there could have been a blast. But, who hurts them who is being protected by God? (It's a common Hindi Phrase).

                           I told them my story, Yes! I do appear small but this bravery and courage that has come inside me, is all because my Gurudev - Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu spake to me so. He told me that if i have actually heard his discourses, i should go out to help the sister. In general, i am the most coward in my home. Even if there's a lizard, i would first request my father to drive it away and then go. But this surge of my confidence and courage, i attribute it to my Gurudev - BapuJi. Then, DD Metro Reporter says, "Hold On! Hold On! Hold On! Do not take name of Sant Asharamji Bapu. Just tell that you have done all of this by yourself. Do not take BapuJi's name and i will get you bravery awards from people very high in rank. We have got express orders from upper echelons against covering Asharam in good light.

                          I felt such a blow at my heart, that BapuJi who inspired me through it. How can you speak as such against him ? This is my truth. Isn't it the duty of media to showcase the truth or media is now taking the liberty to crop the 'truth'? I said, i'll definitely take BapuJi's name. Then she said, No No I can't show his name - I have orders from up. So, people this gag orders from up is - for a saint like BapuJi we should only demean and abuse his name. This is media's actual plot which i wish to reveal before all. 

                           After this i refused any sessions with her. I told, i don't want to give interview to you. She just said, i could have given you bravery awards from very influential realms. I replied back - my bravery award is my Bapu who is with me. And if it's in my fates, I'll get the awards anyways. She went away.

ये वाकया हैं -जोधपुर , राजस्थान का, जहां पिछले दो सालों से पूरा शहर बाबागिरी के रंग मे डूबा हुआ है। कभी पुलिस लाठीचार्ज करती नज़र आती है तो कभी आशाराम बापू के भक्त जमीन पे लोटते नज़र आते है। मीडिया उनके गुरु को ताना मारने का एक आलम नहीं छोड़ती और वो अपने गुरु जिस रास्ते से भी गुजर जाते है, उसकी चरण धुली उठाना नहीं भूलते । ये रस्सा-कस्सी इस दौड़ तक पहुँच गयी है कि - आज १ दिसंबर दिन में जब आशारामजी से ये पूछा गया कि " बापू, ये किसकी साजिश हो सकती हैं ?" तो उन्होने झट-पट कह दिया कि - "तुम्हारी" । भले फिर दोनों ही प्रश्न-कर्ता और वक्ता ने इस बात को हँसी में उड़ा दिया । लेकिन मेरे मन से ये बात जाती नहीं हैं । क्या पता सही मे ये सारा किया-कराया मीडिया का ही हो ? इससे पहले कि आप मेरी बात को हँसी मे उड़ा दे, पूरा आर्टिक्ल तो पढ़ लीजिए जनाब :

१. कोमल मल्होत्रा की जुबानी -

आप सोच रहे होंगे की , आखिर ये कोमल मल्होत्रा कौन हैं ? ये दिल्ली की निवासी हैं - जिन्हे अभी तक बहुत से बहुमूल्य सिविलियन बहादुरी पुरुस्कार मिल चुके हैं । वे कहती हैं -

                                  मैं आपके सामने मीडिया का भद्दा चेहरा रखना चाहती हूँ । आप मुझे जो आज जिंदा देख रहे हैं, वो शायद गुरुदेव की कृपा नहीं होती तो मैं आपके समक्ष नहीं बोल पा रही होती । दिल्ली के जंतर मंतर में मैंने अपना अनुभव बहुत कहा है आज ये सौभाग्य मिला है कि मै यहाँ पर बोल रही हूँ। २९ जुलाई २०१३ को मुझे गोली लगी थी । मैं अपने घर के बाहर झाड़ू बुहारी कर रही थी । तो मैंने देखा कि एक औरत के साथ तो गुंडे जो है - छेड़-खानी कर रहे हैं । उसको वो छीना-झपटी कर रहे है, मार रहे है । तो सब जो हैं, वो अपना काम कर रहे थे, किसीने बचाव करने कि कोशिश नहीं की । तो मुझे अंदर से प्रेरणा हुई - बापू ने मुझे बोला कि अगर तूने मेरा सत्संग सही मे सुना है तो आज उसे क्रियान्वित करने का समय है । तू जा मेरी बच्ची इसको बचा । तो मुझे लगा गुरुदेव मुझे बोल रहे है तो मुझे संग्राम मे जाना चाहिए , वो दो गुंडे थे मेरे सामने । मैंने फिर देखा उसने उस औरत को थप्पड़ मारा और उसको नीचे गिरा दिया । मैंने बोला भैया अब बहुत हुआ , आप इसे छोड़ दो नहीं तो मैं आपको झाड़ू मारूँगी । वो नहीं माना , गुरुदेव का बल था मेरे साथ , मैं गयी और जब दूबारा उसने उसके मुह पर थप्पड़ मारा,  तो मैंने झाड़ू उठाकर उसको मारी । गोल्ड की चैन थी उसके हाथ में, उसने उसे फेंकी और उठाकर भागने लगा । वो औरत भी थोड़ी होश में आई कि कोई मेरी मदद के लिए आया है। तो जैसे वो जाने लगा तो मैंने उसको पकड़ने कि कोशिश की, उस औरत ने भी कोशिश की । भागम भाग के चक्कर में , आत्म-रक्षा के लिए वो बाइक पे बैठा । उसका दोस्त पहले से ही बाइक पे हेलमेट पहन के बैठा था । उसने अपने शर्ट के अंदर से गोली निकली और उस समय मैं ऐसे ( लगभग उसके सामने ) खड़ी थी । मुझे नहीं पता था उसके पास कोई हथियार हैं । उसने मुझे सामने से शूट किया । उस समय मेरा हाथ तिरछा मेरे सामने था, क्योंकि मैंने झाड़ू पकड़ा हुआ था । वो गोली मेरे कानी उंगली को छूती हुई, मेरे हार्ट के अंदर चल गयी । और मैंने देखा उस समय मेरी शर्ट फट गयी और मेरे उंगली के पास खूनों- खून हो गया । फिर मैं चली गयी उस समय डॉक्टर के पास । मेरी दो सर्जरी हुई - एक छोटी उंगली कि और दूसरी मेरे दिल की।

नहीं दिखा सकते समर्थन मे खबर
                              लेकिन मैं आपको बताना चाहती हूँ, मुझे दिल्ली पुलिस, नेशनल कमीशन औफ़ वुमेन , बिट्टा जी के तरफ से पाँच बहादुरी पुरस्कार मिले हैं । लेकिन उस दिन जिस दिन मैं आई.सी. यू  के बेड पर थी और मेरी गोली निकली गयी थी । मेरे पास डी॰डी॰ मेट्रो कि सीनियर रिपोर्टर आई थी । मेरा ये घटना २९ जुलाई २०१३ को है । बापू पे जो एफ.आई.आर हुई थी वो २१ अगस्त २०१३ को हुई थी । तब तक मीडिया मैं ऐसा कोई प्रकरण नहीं था । बापू के बारे में कुछ भी ऐसा मीडिया में नहीं था । उसने मुझे बोला बेटा ! आप बहुत छोटी सी लगती हो , मैं अस्पताल के बेड पे लेती हुई थी । उसी समय मेरी गोली निकली हुई थी । दो दिन बाद , दो दिन तक मुझे न खाने को , न पीने को , न उठने को माना किया गया था । क्योंकि यहाँ दिल होता है, यहाँ फेफड़े होते हैं । अगर थोड़ा सा भी गोली इधर जाएगी तो ब्लास्ट हो सकती थी और मैं मर सकती थी । पर जाको राखे साईयान मार सके ना कोई ।

                         मैंने अपना अनुभव उन्हे बताया कि हाँ , मैं छोटी सी लड़की लगती हूँ । लेकिन ये जो ब्रेवरी मेरे अंदर आयी या हिम्मत मेरे अंदर आई , मेरे गुरुदेव ने मुझे बोला - संत श्री आशारामजी बापू । उन्होने मुझे बोला कि यदि मेरा सत्संग तूने सुना है - तो तू जा उस बहन कि मदद कर । और मैं अपने पूरे घर मे सबसे डरपोक इंसान हूँ । अगर छिपकली भी मेरे घर मे होती थी तो मैं पहले अपने पापा को बोलती थी, पापा उसे बाहर निकालो । लेकिन ये हिम्मत मुझे मेरे गुरुदेव बापुजी ने दी है । तो वो बोलती है - रुक जाओ । रुक जाओ। रुक जाओ । ये संत श्री आशारामजी बापू का नाम मत ले । ये बोल कि ये सब तूने किया हैं । मैं तुझे बहुत बड़ी जगह से ब्रेवरी पुरस्कार दिलाउंगी , बापुजी का नाम मत ले । हमे ऊपर से आदेश है - हम बापुजी के समर्थन (उनके अच्छाई ) के पक्ष में कुछ भी नहीं दिखा सकते ।

                           मुझे इतना धक्का लगा कि बापुजी जिन्होने मुझे ऐसी प्रेरणा दी है । आप उसके बारे में ऐसे क्यों बोल रहे हो ? ये तो मेरा सच हैं । क्या मीडिया का यही कर्तव्य है कि सच्चाई को काँट के दिखाये ? मैंने उसे बोला कि मैं अपने गुरुदेव का नाम जरूर लूँगी । तो उसने बोला, नहीं नहीं मैं ये नाम नहीं दिखा सकती - क्योंकि हमे ऊपर से आदेश हैं । तो ये ऊपर से आदेश हैं , कि बापुजी जैसे संत जो हैं , उनका नाम जो हैं खराब ही किया जाएँ । ये मीडिया कि पूरी चाल हैं , ये मैं आपके सामने बताना चाहती हूँ ।

कोर्ट के बाहर बापू को प्रणाम

Media refuses covering news in support
सकरात्मक न्यूज़ से दूर भागती रही मीडिया

                        उसके बाद मैंने उसे सवाल-जवाब नहीं दिया । मैंने उसे बोला कि मुझे आपको इंटरव्यू नहीं देना हैं । उसने अंत मे ये बोला कि मैं तुझे बहुत बड़े जगह से पुरस्कार दिला सकती थी । मैंने बोला - मेरा ब्रेवरी पुरस्कार मेरे बापू हैं और वो मेरे साथ हैं । और अगर मुझे मिलना होगा तो ऐसे ही मिल जाएगा । वो चली गयी 

हिन्दी में पढ़ने के लिए कृपया ऊपर जाएँ ।

कोमल जैसी करोड़ो महिलाओ को किया गया नज़र-अंदाज़

Following newslinks (Mail Today, News24/ Cached, TOI/ Cached) cover Komal Malhotra's story but as expected they do not mention Asharam Bapu's name or interview with Komal anywhere. I know, comments section of TOI was personally flooded with names of Asharam Bapu linking Komal's acknowledgement of same but Comments Section for that particular article has now been closed, deleting any previous user comments on it. Do ping back in comments if anyone is able to get more leads on this story. Its 2 years old now but equally revealing and scathing in the attitude media has been showing till date.

Ghosh, Dwaipayan. TOI does not cover news on Asharam Bapu. Times Of India. 2015-12-06. URL: Accessed: 2015-12-06. (Archived by WebCite® at

Braveheart shot at while thwarting chain-snatching bid. News24. 2015-12-06. URL: Accessed: 2015-12-06. (Archived by WebCite® at 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Secular Fabric of 'LokMat'

       It was 29th Nov, Sunday Edition of Marathi daily 'Lokmat' carried an analysis on ISIS and their sources of funding. Because the article centered upon finance behind operations of ISIS, it carried an image of piggy-bank stamped with symbol of ISIS. Bare Facts right. But the fun is not in statement, its in interpretation and interpretation of the interpretation (don't interpret if your head's already dizzy) 

Lokmat, 29 Nov 2015
ISIS flag over Piggy Bank

ISIS Symbol : Meaning ?

          The white banner at the top of the flag reads: “There is no god but Allah [God]. Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.” This phrase is a declaration of faith used across Islam, and is known as the shahada

Flag of ISIS

        Underneath is a white circle emblazoned with black writing reading "Mohammed is the messenger of God", which is meant to resemble the Prophet’s seal, similar to that used to close an envelope. Sourced from here / cached

Aftermath in India

Muslims Vandalize Lokmat Office over Pig alongwith Prophet Mohammad

  Lokmat's office was attacked in multiple places in Maharashtra. The copies of the Sunday edition of the newspaper were also burnt at several places. An FIR was also registered against the cartoonist and the editor of the newspaper by Congress, Member of Legislative Assembly (Malegaon) - Shaikh Asif Shaikh Rashid.

The Interpretation

      So, the piggy bank could have been left for what is was - a piggy bank but no, some people reacted which was soon synchronized into attacks on office. FIR was registered. Threats of dire legal action called. The interesting part for me is - not the revenge attacks. If Muslim Community feels threatened - they have as much right to retaliate as me. What did catch my attention was the stoic silence of media and in some ways - the means of voicing this digression by Muslims.

Original Article by LokMat that sparked this protest

Why Violence ? Ok, leave it or try to ignore it assuming heat of the moment. Why No debate and intolerance over this un civilian mode of attack ? Dear Media, why so Tolerant ? So, in more ways than one - major media channels downplayed this event. No scorching tweets by our esteemed  Bindi Brigade nor were in sight - protectors of liberal voices of India

Aaj Tak downplays protest by Hindus over PK

Why do you crawl back in your slimy holes and try shunting down time when attacks are by Non-Hindus ? Do i forget the hue and cry you raised when Hindus protested over Shiva attired actor being degraded in PK. No you came back on us, called us 'In Tolerant', 'Violent' and 'Motived & Attention Seeker'. Well! Why not same adjectives for them, today ? Or you are afraid your offices would be vandalized next ?

Watchman of Saint Francis School removed after he refused being 'Converted'

The Interpretation of Interpretation

These are golden take-away points, representing true fabric of 'Secular' India. 

  • Secularism is used as 'Shield' by Media/Politicians when things become too hot to handle or they do not want to comment upon the obvious. So, Secularity will be safely invoked and applied when muslim brothers protest over ISIS Article but not when Shiv Sena workers butcher and sell live meat outside Jain Temples during Paryushan.  

  • Secularism and Community peace will be disregarded when Baba ramdev is Lathi-Charged and his tent burned, Jayendra Saraswati arrested midnight on Diwali, 600 police men gherao and lathi charge devotees of Asharam Bapu - but it will be used as a shield to protect Imam Bukhari of Jama Mashjid from his numerous Non Bailable Warrants.
    " Reprimanding the police for its failure to execute numerous NBWs on previous occasions for all these years, Metropolitan Magistrate Rajinder Singh issued fresh NBW against Bukhari and remarked that such inefficiency could not be tolerated. The magistrate also rubbished the contention of Delhi Police that they did not arrest Bukhari fearing communal backlash as he represented a religious community "
  • only because Asharam Ji is head of Hindu Institution we must not leave an opportunity go waste in ridiculing and showing fake stories of him, as doing otherwise means we are favoring him and hey ! that's not secular. And on other hand we must firmly close our eyes - when allegations over peoples of other religions surface up , because disturbing Pastor Jacob John over alleged raping of 13 Minor Girls in Christian Grace Home or those 63 Kerala Christian priests facing offenses including murder, rape, molestation, assault, abduction, theft and cheating may disturb the 'secular' nature of India and make minority community uncomfortable

    Grace Home - Father Jacob John is accused of raping Minor Girls here since months
    You could read more about Imam Bukhari Non-Bailable warrant and non- arrest here/ cached. Grace Home News are covered here/cached. Also, provided is a reference to 63 Kerala Christian priests here/ cached.