Saturday, June 13, 2015

SIMI Funding Conspiracy against Asaram Bapu : J&K Police interrogates

Who is Asaram Bapu ?

Asaram Bapu is 74 year old spiritual Guru for millions in India and worldwide. He has been in news off and on since year 2008 mostly. In 2008, a case was filed against him in alleged involvement in drowning of 2 children of his Gurukul. This was loudly relayed all across India by all media houses. A series of defamation and hate campaign against him was carried out then. Due to enormous interest shown by media in reporting this incident 24*7, the case escalated to CID. Both D K Trivedi Commission and CID, India have given clean chit in this case to Asaram Bapu and his organization. On 20 August 2013, a FIR was filed in Kamala Market, Delhi at 2:30 AM in night against him.

Allegations on Bhagwati Nagar, J&K Ashram

Bholanand, one self-attested former resident of J&K Ashram of Asaram Bapu raised hue and cry when he gave an incriminating statement in one of LIVE News channel. He alleged (now found to be fake) that there were skeletons of children buried inside Asaram Bapu Ashram's premises in Bhagwati Nagar, Jammu. Media articulated this rumor with full gusto, without sparing a thought on authenticity and integrity of source/nature of this allegation.

Case against Bholanand & his subsequent Arrest

Vigilante citizens, not withstanding this fake assault of cooked up charges against the Ashram, registered a police complaint. On 17 October 2013, police had booked Nath, a resident of Jaipur in Rajasthan, for conspiring to implicate Asaram by claiming that three children were buried in his ashram at Bhagwati Nagar here after being murdered. He was arrested on 14th Nov, 2013 for hatching conspiracy against Asaram Bapu.

Pankaj : Next Arrested by Jammu-Kashmir Police

Over course of their detailed investigation, police rounded up on confessions made by Bholanand. One among-st revealed name was that of Pankaj, former resident of Chindwara Ashram who suspiciously ran off one month before FIR was filed against Asaram Bapu on 20 Aug,2013. The following news article regarding arrest & interrogation of said Pankaj has been published in Dabang News, Mumbai edition (Page 1 & 4). Have a look :

Cover Page :
 SIMI funded money to put Asharam Bapu in Jail
 Detailed News [continued on pg 4]
Bholanand, Pankaj, Satish Wadhwani frame Asharam Bapu

What do these revelations emphasize ?

  1. Case filing against Asaram Bapu on 20 August 2013 was per-meditated. No incident ever happened on   15th August 2015 with people near alleged place denying, that girl even met asaram bapu in person alone. So, if Pankaj was sure enough to flee ashram exactly one month before FIR was filed, there was deliberate and detailed analysis carried out before. Watch Interview with Manai Kutia Caretaker :  Manai Kutia Story   
  2. Pankaj confessing relation with victim girl (the same girl who filed FIR)
  3. The whole conspiracy has coughed up some strong currency needs. Major areas where money was put to  use could be :
·         Bribing of people to speak up against Asaram Bapu Ashram
·         Money forwarded to select anti-hindu faces in MSM, to speak against Asaram Bapu. There is 24*7 news on Asaram Bapu even after 2 years. Focused one-sided stories have been run, for 1 hour sometimes with no breaks for advertisement. (So, if revenue from advertisement was not on agenda, what was?)
·         Setting up of fake online accounts for outsourcing rumor factory against Ashram.
·         Funding received from SIMI
Do wait for my next blog on detailed analysis carried out on Bholanand's confession and alleged role of omprakash prajapati. I'll keep searching for more interesting patterns in this "Kaleidoscope of Lies"


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  2. Since 2010 , there have been several attempts to malign the name of Sant Asharam bapuji and his ashrams.This revelations makes very much sense but involvement of SIMI brings much surprise to me.
    Good Article with clean facts !

    1. Greetings !
      Thanks for your comments. As you rightly said present case against Asaram Bapu is a culmination of series of connected (?) small time attempts to defame him/his organization. Every conceit ( false news, tailoring of facts and bringing forward paid agents) has been put to use against him. We are hopeful that very soon, citizens all over India would come to know the truth behind it all.