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Criminals let off while Saints held in Jail - Kailash Vijayvargiya

A sharp rebuke and analysis of present day law and order situation in India, authored by one of the most prominent member of our society today, reveals the disparity in execution of laws and trials for two far-reaching individuals, one a 77 years old saint, now reduced to commute on wheelchair is denied bail whereas a criminal turned politician already convicted and awaiting trials under various cases is handed bail on a platter. Why has Judicial System and the Police been reduced to this opposing channels of execution viz being forced to let off a criminal walk-free while intruding over human rights of a septuagenarian saint, writes and provokes Kailash Vijayvargiya.

File Picture of Kailash Vijayvargiya

The article by Kailash Vijayvargiya, BJP's National Secretary is titled, ''Sant Jail Mein, Don Bahar" (literal translation, Saint inside Jail while Criminals walk free). Below is the reproduction of the article in English, which was originally published in by Dabang Dunia Newspaper in Hindi.

Shahabuddin, the kingpin criminal responsible for highhandedly making Lalu Yadav's stint in Bihar as Jungle Raj is now out from Bhagalpur Jail after getting bail from High Court. Shahabuddin who is not yet 50 years in age, has amassed 56 Criminal cases registered on himself. Citizens of Bihar are plunged in panic and fear with bail of Shahabuddin, the synonym of terror in Bihar. The people responsible for putting up case against Shahabuddin are now too distraught to even speak. Due to the horror struck by Shahabuddin, people have even forgotten that Siwan was also the birth place of the country's first President, Babu Rajendra Prasad. Now people say, taking Shahabuddin name is as good as speaking of Siwan and vice-versa. Bailing out of such dreaded murderer is indeed surprising. On one hand courts are not giving bail since months to such people , who have had cases put on them out of sheer enmity whereas on the other hand, we have Shahabuddin freely praising Lalu Yadav, member of star alliance-government in Bihar getting Bail. The bail also assimilates doings of Bihar's government and Police.

The next question arising after handing over of bail by the court to Shahabuddin, is as to why has old aged saint Asharam Bapu, jailed in Jodhpur since three years not given bail ? Last Month, Rajasthan High Court rejected bail for Sant Asharam the ninth time. After that, Supreme Court too denied from giving Asharam Bapu any relief. The SC had said, any plea or thoughts would only be entertained after All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS) submits its medical investigation report. Its SC ruling that until AIIMS undergoes its medical investigation, and a copy of the medical report is presented before the court, no plea for bail can be entertained. AIIMS had also expressed its censure over sending a panel of members to Jodhpur for investigation. The reason cited by AIIMS to Supreme Court was, a panel of seven members has been constituted and sending all seven members to Jodhpur was not possible given day-to-day activities of Delhi AIIMS Unit. So, now in this case, Sant Asharam would have to travel in flight from Jodhpur to Delhi. Now whenever Sant Asharam would come to Delhi, Investigation would ensue. When would results finally come. Nothing can be said! One of the arguments cited in bail application from Sant Asharam lodged in Jail since three years is, all primary witness have already completed their testimony. The argument put forth from Saint Asharam also entails that in 2015, Supreme Court itself had ruled out that bail application can be filed after trial completion of all primary witnesses. Such that, any situation to influence witness is now out of scope. Even in absence of any critical illness, Saint Asharam could have been awarded bail by court seeing his old age on humanitarian grounds, but that did not happen.

Recently, few rulings by Supreme Court has attracted widespread comments. Especially, restrictions on constructing Dahi-Handi Pyramid in Janmashtami celebrations in Maharashtra from exceeding 20 feet in heights has been put. Supreme Court has kept intact the rulings of Bombay High Court on the same. In addition to this, the Supreme Court has also barred the inclusion of less than 18 years old Gopala in these human pyramid group. Thus, Dahi Handi exceeding 20 feet in heights could not be put. While, many people could also see that Supreme Court's rulings were not observed at various places. Can Supreme Court interfere with such brazen attitude in internal rulings of other religions? In the case of Triple Talaq, Muslim Representatives have summarised and answered in short stout words that - Court cannot interfere in matters of their religious rulings. In spite of alike political manoeuvres, court have dished out two separate judicial stands! Imposition of President Rule in Uttarakhand by Modi Government has been revoked by Uttarakhand  HC citing misuse of Constitutional Clause 356. Commenting harshly over this, Chief Justice Joseph had rebuked - 'Decisions taken by President and Government can also be wrong'. The harsh rebuttal over the President had invited widespread outcry then. Arunachal Pradesh had fallen due to switching of sides between legislators. Eventually, it was so observed that Nabam Tuki could not get re-elected to post of Chief Minister due to animosity, his party legislators held for him.

Lalu Yadav, Shahabuddin misuse judiciary to get bail

Rajasthan High Court and Supreme Court reject bail application of old aged and ailing saint Asharam but Shahabuddin alleged under heinous crimes is let off. The cases that are plying on Shahabuddin are such that, people are frightened by just listening to the details. Shahabuddin has already been convicted and punished with Life Imprisonment. On 16th of August, 2004 two sons of local businessman Chadrakeshwar or Chanda Babu of Siwan, were abducted and bathed in Acid. Both dead. The primafacie eye-witness of this entire episode - Chanda Babu's eldest son 36 years old Rajiv Roshan was murdered on 16 June, 2014 after being shot at by assailants, while the trial was in progress. Eight of the cases against him have resulted into sentence ranging from 1 year to life imprisonment for him in Jail.

In March of 1997, Leader of Jawahar Lal Nehru Student Union, Chandrashekhar was riddled with bullets shots at Nukkad Sabha (Street Corner Meeting) of CPM; Communist Party of India (Marxist). Shahabuddin was sentenced to Life Imprisonment in case of abduction and murder of Party Volunteer, Chote Lal Gupta of CPI; Communist Party of India (Marxist–Leninist). Police recovered large amounts of foreign branded fireworks from dens of Shahabuddin. The credit to first public use of AK-74 in Bihar's Jungle Raj also goes to Shahabuddin. Entrant in world of criminality since 19 years of age, Shahabuddin was most recently also named for alleged involvement in murder of Journalist Rajdev Ranjan. Journalist had gathered some crucial info which could have exposed Shahabuddin before all.

Its probable that High Court was forced to give bail to Shahabuddin due to clever planning by Nitish led government, but court's rulings has spread widespread disconcert and fear amongst general public as well as the eye-witnesses. Bihar Unit of BJP; Bhartiya Janata Party has submitted an memorandum to Governor of the State requesting Shahabuddin to be led out of Bihar. At least, remaining citizens of Bihar would remain in peace with denial of (his) entry in Bihar. One big truth of this case is also this, that Shahabuddin was planning and executing various crimes while being lodged from Bhagalpur Jail. This was the big revelation that was planned by Rajdev Ranjan, but instead the journalist himself was executed.

To read the original Article in Hindi, go to Dabang Dunia website. A reproduction of which is also attached below:

संत जेल में, डॉन बाहर

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

3 years of Asharam Bapu in Jail, Black Day on 31 August

Black Day for followers of Asaram Bapu


31st August brings with itself a flood of memories and scenes involving helplessness, confusion, anger and thick silent wave of tearful prayers. This night, 3 years back, a convoy of 600+ policemen surrounded Indore Ashram of Saint Asaram Bapu and arrested him by backdoor stealth. This day also marks the last public discourse of Saint Asaram Bapu before going to Jail. We were beaten, lied, forced and abused. All because, Hinduism had to be dishonored and destroyed. Please don't get me wrong, Asaram Bapu has not been arrested because he is a criminal, Asaram Bapu has been arrested because he is a Hindu.


Revisiting 31 August, 2013 - Facts and Files


From a long time various allegations have been levied upon Asaram Bapu and ashram(s) in order to defame and tamper his popularity. Yet every previous implications has been discarded in court of law and/or by CBI. Now, under this fresh pre-planned imprecation a girl from Shahjahapur (U.P.) has been made the pawn on the scene.

Some facts that prove why all implications are baseless, implanted and why Asaram Bapu arrest on 31st August was a Black Day for Hinduism.

#1 Girl has claimed charges of molestation and improper conduct, yet all of major media houses and leading newspapers have showed and publicized that it was "rape" and also that charge of "rape" has been attested by medical reports.  Whereas the truth is that girl has made no mention of 'rape' in FIR and medical reports actually reject / disprove all such charges. Jodhpur police had accepted in a press conference that Delhi police has registered the case on erroneous charges, and levied charges which don't match with girl's statement in FIR. Yet blatant advertising by media of false charges has hurt the sentiments of millions of followers of Bapu. Isn't this a grave folly on part of both media and police?

#2 Girl's family registers FIR only after 5 days from mentioned date in FIR. Why not immediately ? [Were they and conspirators, cross-checking and making allowances for lapses in their story this 5 days ?]

#3 Girl lives in Shahjahapur [UP],   she claims the incident to be of Jodhpur[Raj]   but registers an FIR at Delhi. This reality itself gives indications at pre-arranged procedure as opposed to normal occurrence ! [Were all police headquarters on vacations between Jodhpur-Shahjahapur]. [Were all police stations on vacations between Jodhpur-Shahjahapur].

#4 As soon as girl entered Manai Farm House, she was repeatedly heard to be telling "I want to see Bapuji's Kutia (cottage)". This means that it was quite essential for her to go near the cottage in order to validate her claims later.

Residents of Pune wave flags and banners against Black Day

#5 The room which girl implicates in her FIR is situated only at a distance of 50-60 ft from gates of cottage's enclosure. Girl claims that her mother was sitting on gate of Cottage. [Why was the Mother sitting there peacefully since one hour and a half, while her daughter was as theorized locked in-front of her inside a dark room?] Being in a very calm area, shouts of even a 6 year old is bound to be heard in range of 500 ft. On top of all this girl claims in FIR, that she was repeatedly shouting and crying. How come then shouts of 18 year old couldn't reach her mother sitting only 60 ft apart ? The room in which her father stayed is at a distance of 200 ft, above farm house owner's room. More than 10 people were staying with farm house's owner at that time; why then no one has heard anything ?

#6 Girl tells in her FIR that when she shouted , Bapu JI closed her mouth with his one hand and kept caressing her for 1-1.5 hrs ? How can someone do this for 1-1.5 hr ?

#7 Girl tells that she immediately met her mother and father after this incident. How come she was did not speak anything then? [or is it that she never was locked, inside or out?] How could parents not gauge their daughter's reaction or mental state. A girl allegedly in locks for one and half hours, calmly goes out to her parents. Parents and the Girl then go and sleep peacefully. Wow!

#8 Women staying in farm house have told that on day of assumed incident around 9:30 at night, first girl's father then after 2-3 min mother and wife enter the house (ground floor), take water and go to sleep on upper apartments. As is the routine the inmates locked the (only) gate connecting two floors from inside (ground floor) and they too retire to sleep. How and when did the incident happen ? [Maybe girl escaped by flying through sky ?]

#9 On night of 15/8/13 at 8 pm girls' friend Kritika told girl and her mother to go to their house which is nearby for night's stay as all women were staying there. Also some more brother devotees were expected to arrive at night time, so it'll be easy for them to stay in farm house. The girl, Immediately sensing grave danger to her plan blurted out "if there will be no space in house, I'll sleep on terrace but i won't leave this place and go". This firmly proves that by registering her attendance in night ; she had to construct the base of her story.


#10 When on morning of 16, girl and her family joined inmates on breakfast table she was quite happy and certainly normal. She then happily laughed and played with 1.5 yr old grand-son of house for quite some time.[No fear , No gloom possibly jubilation over partial success of her plans].

#11 Before leaving Chindwara Gurukul [of shri asaramji bapu ashram] she said to her friends that : "I will never return to this Gurukul and shake the foundations of this establishment" .This also hints at planning and plots in her brain.

#12 On evening of 14th while Bapu Ji was going out for evening walk, Bapu Ji upon request of sadhaks allowed them to go near his cottage and have darshan. Girl, her mother along-with many other went to cottage and circumambulate it. The same description of interiors of cottage as specified by girl in FIR, has been told by all others present upon being asked ? Has then this incident happened with all persons present ?

Will case against Asharam Bapu survive?

If you are any fan of Dr Subramanian Swamy, you would know long back that this case is a sham and legally baseless. He has tweeted and given various interview detailing out his most vocal support in favor of Bapu Ji. The only purpose this case had to serve was to bring down repute of Asaram Bapu in particular and Hindu Saints and Leaders in general.

All these above facts prove that Asaram ji Bapu is being maligned and targeted under pre-planned conspiracy. It is high time we citizens of India take cognizance of the fact and strive to free Asaram Bapu from undue judicial custody since three years in Jail. 

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Freedom of Expression - Virtues, Limits and Critics

This is a reproduction of exact letter authored by Narayan Sai from Surat Lajpore Jail. This one letter here sounds so close and special because seeing India’s current trends and behavior, this letter couldn’t have come at a better time that now when India stands at the juncture of political insecurity and forbearance. We hope this letter touches your heart as it has touched mine. 


Letter on Freedom of Expression

I express my views on freedom of expression as many authors and thinkers have opined their minds on the same.

Voltaire has said this on freedom of speech,‘Whatever you say, it may be to my extreme dislike but still, you have full rights to say the things that you want to say. If someone tries to deprive you of this, your right I am decided to fight for you.’

I consider that people with unique political tendencies and each college of ideas must have their freedom of expression because this is what a democracy is, but our country today is flooded with such excessive freedom of expression.

Anti-social elements too are being given countrywide systems to propagate their really anti-national perspectives which at the same time as being dangerous to country additionally imparts an incorrect message to our youths. Country's environs are being spoiled.

Again and again, I feel that India is far more endangered, not with people outside her boundaries but with such people residing within and resiliently trying forth to weaken our strong roots. More than attacks emanating from across boundaries, some people dwelling interior our country bring us until arms of defeat. Only through regulating such people correctly through criminal/constitutional means can this country be saved.

None can be given permissions to attack this country's basis of foundation under the guise of 'freedom of expression'. People have got to be cautious against this and protect and reassert their unity for this country across personal diversity. Our country is foremost - rest all things can come afterwards.

13/5/16 - Narayan Sai

Original reproduction in Hindi


मैं अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता के बारे में अपना मत व्यक्त करता हूँ चूँकि इस विषय पर अनेकों लेखको चिंतको ने अपना मत व्यक्त किया है।

अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता को लेकर वाल्तेयर ने कहा है की आप जो भी कहते हैं वह मुझे बिल्कुल भी पसंद नहीं है लेकिन आपको वह बात कहने का पूरा अधिकार है जो आप कहना चाहते हैं। यदि कोई आपको आपके इस अधिकार से वंचित करना चाहता है तो मैं आपके लिए संघर्ष करूंगा ।

मैं मानता हूँ की तमाम राजनीतिक दलों के प्रति रुझान रखने वालो और सभी विचार धाराओं के लोगों को अभिव्यक्ति की स्वतंत्रता मिलनी चाहिए यही लोकतंत्र है लेकिन हमारे देश में इस तरह की आज़ादी की अधिकता हो चुकी हैं।

असामाजिक तत्वों को भी अपने देश विरोधी विचारों को अभिव्यक्त करने के लिए मंच मिल रहा है जो देश के लिए खतरनाक हो सकता है और ऐसा होने से युवाओं में गलत संदेश जाता हैं। देश का महौल खराब होता है।

कभी कभी ऐसा लगता है कि देश को सबसे बड़ा खतरा बाहरी लोगों से नहीं है लेकिन भीतर के ऐसे लोगों से है जो हमारी मजबूत जड़ों को कमजोर करने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं। सीमापर से होने वाले हमलों से ज्यादा देश के भीतर रहने वाले कुछ लोग देश को  हराते हैं। इनको सही तरीके से नियंत्रित करके ही देशको बचाया जा सकता है ।

अभिव्यक्ति कि स्वतंत्रता के नाम पर देशके मूलाधार पर चोट करने की इजाजत किसी को भी नहीं दी जा सकती। लोगों को इससे सचेत रहना होगा और विविधता में एकता के जरिये देशकी अखंडता की रक्षा करनी होगी । राष्ट्र पहले है - बाकी चीजे बाद मे ।

१३.५.१६ - नारायण साई 

Letter cuts through Amyelous Views of anti-Nationals


Amidst cries and howls of separatists and dim witted media journalists and their doted struggling to complete graduation super-heroes this decided and focused view on “freedom of expression” is such a refreshing and laudable change. I salute the contents of this letter which apart from being a testimony to Indian Rishi Paramapara (Ancient Tradition upheld by Sages and Saints), its austerity and intellect, is also cent percent right in its execution. Indian historic texts and manuscripts are full of such instances when during times of terror, chaos, political inactivity and decline of cultural and heritage India, some men of great intellect and penance have intercepted and tried to transcend and awaken the masses. I believe that the moment is upon us when we recognize leaders amongst us and faithfully strive to bring back India her glory and shine.

Surat, Central Jail at Lajpore
Map View of 

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Police Attack on Supporters makes one pregnant Critical

It takes all sorts of folks to run a nation, not most are smart while not everyone is dangerous. It’s invariably been a legitimate mix of two. Once folks with clean intents of selflessness and service come to the fore and are in majority we have ourselves hailed as ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’ however times change, the instance which is now being bought up of brutal Indian Police Attack on protesters for a cause is one sure shot indication of such “changed” times.

Police Attack on Asharam Bapu Supporters gathered at Jantar Mantar

Since 1st September 2013, the night when Asharam Bapu was taken into judicial custody by joint operation of Rajasthan and MP Police from his Indore Ashram at 12:30 AM in Night by backdoor stealth, people everyday have congregated at Jantar Mantar to voice arrest of Indian Spiritual Guru on allegation of one girl claiming molestation. (In FIR, the girl only says Asharam Bapu put his hand on me, which has been translated to sexual molestation and rape by using POCSO).

Satyagraha, 12 May 2016, Delhi
Protest kicks off on 12 May
Satyagraha, 13 May 2016, Delhi
Snapshot of Venue Site on 13 May
Satyagraha, 14 May 2016, Delhi
14 May, Speakers and Persons at Dias
Satyagraha, 16 May 2016, Delhi
15 May, Jantar Mantar protest site

This protest has continued non-stop for over 2.5 years now, but the incident which shames our head and is the central piece of this blog post is of on night of 15th May 2016, Sunday. A massive Satyagraha and call for voluntary self arrest popularly known as 'Jail Bharo' Andolan in native Indian context was organized from 12th of May for indeterminate periods. Thousands of people from all walks, gender and strata of society assembled at protest site, Jantar Mantar officially reserved by Indian Government for holding all sorts of protest, at heart of India's Capital city.

Protest Walk and Jail in Afternoon of 15th May

Lazy afternoon of hot Indian Summer was transformed and vitalized with calls of justice and anguish for thousands of Asharam Bapu supporters, as they marched from Jantar Mantar to Parliament Street Police Station for self arrest in protest of atrocities meted out on their 79 years old Guru. This was also the culmination of several days of sit in protest organized at Jantar Mantar. No one had anticipated reverse police attack that too on innocent women and old men but it happened. Protestants gathered at Parliament Street Police Station, Delhi and started courting arrests.

Jails were soon full and people were still waiting outside on cue for their turn to get arrested. We hear, police of being heard saying they have no more space to arrest people and remaining should go back. Followers were no ones to budge. People kept pouring in the central space which was soon transformed akin Jantar Mantar protest site. Meanwhile, Nation’s social media was abuzz with this strange progress in India’s Capital. Twitter kept trending ‘#जेल_भरोAgainstInjustice’ with people sharing live pictures of protest march, the growing crowd or pictures around Jail. As dusk progressed there were good many people already inside jail with no fear of failure in sight. This was the high-point of two and a half years of patience and trust people had kept on Indian police and judiciary. Little did they know, police was meanwhile planning out evacuation strategy which interestingly comprised lathi charging men in enclosures after blocking out the only exit or charging on groups of women, moves to instill fear and chaos and then as parting gift, to register cases of rioting against them after having beaten them blue and black.

Protesters start walk towards Jail
Protest Walk towards Jail

On Wheelchair, but still there

Entering Jail Premises

Events building up to Midnight Mystery

The Ashram authorities were keen to mold this peaceful Satyagrah in their favor, so while supporters of Asharam Bapu were patiently filling up jails – a delegate of senior representatives from Ashram was dispatched to meet and apprise PMO of their demands and on-hand situation. Shri Rajnath Singh Ji is said to have ensured his action in this matter after 15 days. Meanwhile, there was interest all around in jail and social media regarding this interesting step. Few short videos of supporters from jail were released by official Twitter Handle @AsaramBapuJi of Asharam Bapu organization. We could see the people chanting ‘om om om…’, very much in health and vigor resolving not to get out of jail until major positive changes come their way. There was positive vibes all around with hope and promise floating high. Eventually at around 12:07 AM (IST) 16th May 2016, Asharam Bapu organization is said to have tweeted:

This would translate to “Respecting Honorable HM Shri Rajnath Singh Ji’s promise of taking a favorable step within 15 days, we announce this Satyagrah to be closed (sic)”.

ten thousands in jail
Bird Eye View of Parliament Street Jail, Evenings 16 May 2016

So, Satyagrah was officially announced to being ended from Ashram’s side few minutes after 12 midnight. This information was fast spreading among-st all people inside and out jail. While people in Social Media were cynical about having it ending this way, there still was an air of positivism and success at having received affirmative reasoning’s from Home Minister. Decisions were taken from inside jail and people would now have soon begun to recede in groups but…

The Attack

Beaten by Police, later in night
Night at Jail, self arrest for Asharam Bapu

The following accounts have been compiled from various twitters and face book posts that had been running hot that and the next day. Along with an ensemble of various photographs and a short video posted there-in. A total of 12 followers have been known to be injured, including one pregnant woman (3 months) whose child could be in critical state.
Police later attacked these people
Standing and Sitting, at Parliament Street Police Station
  • The attack started around 1 AM in the night of 16th May, when policemen entered courtyard like room where some male sadhaks where congregated, police barred the only entrance and exit to that room through which they had just come up.
  • The lights were ordered shut, after which police started beating up the assembled people blindly like one would to haystack or cotton bedding kept for the purpose.
  • Lights were closed, exit was blocked and in place stood policemen beating and striking everyone in the reach for letting raise the voice against atrocities and loop holes in execution of Asharam Bapu case.
  • Around 12:15 AM, Satyagraha was announced to be ending for this run after hopes of fruitful action from HMO in this regard. This was officially tweeted from the organizers as inscribed above. This prompted followers to start vacating the premises peacefully.
  • Around 1 AM many people had left and numbers of supporters had relatively diminished from the crowd in evenings. We believe, less numbers of left out supporters prompted Lathi-Charge which they were unable to instigate earlier fearing their own lives and backlash for self-protection from tens of thousands of absolute charged up devotees.
  • So, police acted only when Satyagrah had been announced to be closed and in process of voluntarily evacuation only few people were left behind. Finding courage to beat these out-numbered innocents, they applied all their force against protesting people.
  • While this does remind me heavily of the infamous Jallianwala Bagh in Amritsar, Punjab where Britishers opened artillery to all assembled peaceful protesting participants killing and injuring thousands after closing the only exit, the 4th June mid-night attack on Baba Ramdev’s camp should draw out an analogy closer home.
  • On 4th June 2010, Delhi Police again in midnight had come as huge armed forces and attacked ruthlessly all men, women, children and elderly persons most of whom had been then sleeping. Rajabala, (51 yr) died after struggling for 2 months in the ICU due to severe spinal injuries ensuing directly as a result of police attack on her that night.
  • In a short (upside down) video posted online people could be seen running away from the area in dead of night in groups all looking back periodically as if being chased by wolves. I guess we know, what kept them running.

The very next morning all news channels in India were ripe with news that police has booked followers of Asharam Bapu for inciting riot and violence including attacking police and harming police property in night of 16th May. How exactly was ‘attack on followers’ lucidly translated and made to interpret as ‘attack by followers’ will be covered in upcoming blogs? Till then keep watching this space and do leave a comment if you have any personal note to share.

In Hospital after being beaten by Police

Hands injured and grief stricken

Police did not spare even girls present there

Police bought her to this state

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Subramanian Swamy : Interview Transcript 3

This transcript of Dr Subramanian Swamy addressing Asharam Bapu disciples is compiled from three different sources of Dr Swamy's visit to Aurangabad, India (MH). The specialty of this address by him lies in simplicity of its home setup and unhurried, detailed exposition on various intrinsic details of Spiritual Guru Asharam Bapu's Jodhpur case.

Dr Subramanian Swamy speaks: 

Friends, wherever I go in or outside India. I find many devotees of Asharam Bapu. Alarmed by such huge number of his disciples; he has been arrested on a false case by misusing political powers and is still in jail. I have known Asharam Bapu personally for many years. Asharam Bapu resisted and put on hold christian missionaries who had arrived from foreign countries to help accelerate conversions in India. He fouled ploys of converting poor people in lieu of monetary benefits, in tribal Gujarat and other areas. This stirred anger and unrest in Vatican. They conveyed this to Sonia Gandhi. Only after this, various ways to defame Asharam Bapu have been initiated. Once, i coincidentally met him while travelling together in plane. I told him that people at helm of power are irritated by him. They can do anything. But Bapu ji was not in fear of anyone or anything. He had extreme faith on God. And eventually my doubting manifested as true.

After bail application had been rejected 3-4 times. I received a message, requesting me to come to Jodhpur jail to meet Babaji. Hence, i went. This was in last May. I met him inside jail and he said, i have declined everyone else. I want you to finish this case. Its my firm belief, that your proceedings would make sure justice to prevail. I told him, bail has already been turned down, rejected four times. So, when i go in for the fifth time in-spite of fact that we will be victorious in the end, i cant vouch for immediate results. Then i read about the case. I noticed, accuser girl after 5 days of said incidence did not file a report at Jodhpur Jail instead she did so at Sarojini Nagar, Delhi. This never happens. Delhi police should have immediately reverted, that you should file report at same claimed place of accusation (Jodhpur). But then Congress government would have added its pressure and made report filed at Delhi. Delhi police sent all relevant documents and report to Jodhpur, where Gehlot (Congress Party) was the CM and he forcibly arrested Bapu ji. Later, newly constructed stories were added to FIR freshly prepared by Jodhpur. It was then that Jodhpur police added clauses that she is below 18 years of age, though rape has not taken place but he touched this girl. Girl says Asharam Bapu touched him yet no one saw it. Her Mother is sitting just outside the door, had the girl shouted (as claimed by her), undoubtedly mother would have come inside. It is now revealed through analysis of telephonic records of the girl's phone that, "said time at which she claims bapu ji touched her, she was not even at alleged place of incident. She was in fact on a long call with one of her friend, who is boy on telephone" Telephonic records show she was at some other place. At the same time, Bapu ji too was actually present at some marriage function as chief guest for the ceremony. Even, Asharam Bapu was not there. This case should be rejected with no delay. (Clapping)

When i went in for bail. I enlisted all judgements by Supreme Court. Person such as Tarun Tejpal, who had been caught red-handed (on CCTV) was given bail in 3 months. Lalu yadav got bail even after being convicted. Just on an appeal. Jaylalitha too could get bail. Everyone is getting bail. And Supreme Court has repeatedly said that,'Jail is exception - Bail is the rule'. Then why is not he being given bail ? Being Check-mate thus, judiciary searched for a new excuse; It told that when all the witnesses have been disposed off after giving statements in court, we are ready to give a bail, this i surmised from various supreme court orders. 

Subramanian Swamy exposes TDK
Sonia Gandhi framed Asharam ji Bapu, now exposed by Subramanian Swamy

Then i went in to Jodhpur Jail, out of six principal witnesses 5 have given their statements in court. Sixth one is a woman, she had been served summoned for 8 times but she did not turn up. Police in its reports writes that her whereabouts are unknown, we do not know where she lives. She has changed her residence. On 1st July too she did not turn up. I'm thinking of going again to Jodhpur or Supreme Court. I'm in deliberation over this with my juniors and team. We should be done deciding within this week. I do not think there is much delay now (for Asaram Bapu's acquittal). I would also like to tell all - this case too wont stand. (Clapping) 

Subramanian Swamy also said that Bapu ji is striving to protect Hindu Dhrama since last many years. May be His crime was that He was an obstruction to proselytization. Bapu ji has striven a lot for sustenance of Hindu Dharma. We (Hindus) do not have ill feelings towards anyone. In this country, we have worked for so many people. Yahudis, who are also called Jews have been harassed and prosecuted everywhere in this world but India, is the only country where they were not abused.

Hence, the first proposal that was passed in the parliament of Israel after its formation was - Hail to you, O Great India. You have been the only country where Jews were never persecuted or killed. Hitler killed 6 million Jews in gas chambers. When Islam invaded Iran , the native Parsis (one of Zoroastrian fire worshipping communities ) were maltreated .They escaped to all parts of the world but are alive even today only in India. They are everywhere in India. Our Supreme Court Chief Justice -S. H. Kapadia is a Parsi. Commander in Chief Sam Manekshaw too was parsi. Attorney- General Soli Sorabjee too is a Parsi. They are everywhere in India. Their population is a mere 60,000 but still they never faced any trouble in India. When British were leaving India they said to the Parsis - you are so less in numbers and Hindus have an staggering majority. We'll provide you reservations like that provided to Anglo-Indian community. They said Hindus have looked after us for a 1000 years .We do not need you please go away from this country. This is our culture.

Christians want to change this inherent culture by conversion. World has by today, seen 40 different major cultures. Such as that of Rome, Greece, Egypt, Mesopotamia . But all of these are extinct now. Out of 40 - 35 have been lost. No one should forget that only Hindu Culture has outlived all. This is so because the base of our religion does not find its roots unto some prophet or even saints, All our scriptures that our saints penned down has been after direct communion with god. We cannot pin down our paths to one single prophet or messenger. When scope for change arises, barring Vedas everything else can be changed (to reflect present socio-cultural ethos) by mutual discussion or debate. So Bapu ji has struggled a lot for protecting such Hindu dharma & culture. Stay strong ,don't be disheartened. There are many examples in our history .Shri Ramachandraji was exiled for 14 years. why ? else demon Ravana could not have been killed. For very similar reasons He went to jail. You'll get to know it when Bapu ji comes out. Do not worry , I'll not leave this case till He is out of the jail

Monday, December 21, 2015

Media in glee over Teacher being suspended for worshiping 'Asharam'

                    A news article is doing rounds these days, which is of a school teacher in some distant village of Barmer, Rajasthan who has been suspended from teaching because he used to worship Asharam Bapu while in school. Bizarre, isn't it ? Human Rights activists may claim that choice and object of worship isn't a preemptive ground for civil punishments but then it seems laws and common sense change over-night only when the accused is 'Asharam Bapu' or anyone being related to him !

Will destroy anyone who stands up in support of Asaram : India TV

                    I do recollect an audio clip purportedly of a recorded call conversation between a viewer and India News Channel Customer Care representative wherein, the woman very firmly and non-nonchalantly affirms that India TV Channel is bound on destroying image of any and everyone who is a supporter of Asharam Bapu ! Well, and the Irony ? Asharam Bapu supporters have only increased in past 2 years, claims TOI after their survey covering period from his arrest since Sep, 2013. (I am sharing the youtube link of recorded conversation : at 02:48).

                   Well Well, Media proposes God disposes. Then there's again the issue of how you portray and investigate this issue. More colorful and consequently, scripted by imagination media reports chime in about how the teacher used to 'force' students to bow down before Asharam Bapu's photos, not to mention make them do his 'pooja' and task them onto memorizing 'Asaram Chalisa'. Now, at this point let me make one thing very clear. I have been acquainted with what media calls Asaram Bapu's Cult/franchise/organization for more than a decade. Had there been anything such as 'Asaram Chalisa' it would have been widely publicized and orated atleast to his followers. But i assure you, 'Asaram Chalisa' is nothing but a figment of Media's mission to defame him. The only doubt i harbor is - whether all of it is personal vendetta or as Ishkaran Bhandari puts in - 'a Paid campaign against Bapu' ? Have your choice.

The Original Coverage of facts : Hindustan Times

                      Coming back to the topic in hand : strolling through all related news articles, one that caught my attention was a more than detailed coverage by Hindustan Times, which did not stop at usual suspended- inquiry is on template but also covered Villager's reactions and did include some visual shots as well.

                     Some important excerpts from the article here / cached. " However, on Saturday morning, another group of villagers reached the school, locked its gates and protested against the teacher’s suspension. Khinchi said that the protesters claimed that the teacher used to preach Asaram’s lesson to the students earlier, but he had stopped doing so after a warning. Citing that the teacher was sincere towards the students, the protesters demanded that his suspension be revoked."

                What's wrong with the photo ? It shows a calender, some books published by Asaram Bapu's ashram so naturally bearing his photo on cover page and i am not sure but some stickers as well. Now, the question even if the teacher had given this to any student - why didn't the students/families refuse or politely decline ? All this pics appears to be of  Teacher's personal room or staff room. So, how does pasting anyone's photo in their own personal space warrant a suspension ?

Source : Hindustan Times

The Salient Points :

1. The Teacher being a follower of Asaram Bapu had related materials with him. Probably, he passed on some of it to people around him including his students to read. People objected to it, he stopped handing them out.

2. He is a very dedicated and sincere teacher, so much so that even when he has been suspended and being abused by Media - a portion of villagers actually stood out to protest against his suspension order. And this is a very big thing ! Soliciting a loyal band of supporters even in midst of allegations can never be possible without force of character.

3. Media taken pics only show photos of his Guru, which he has got in his School. Nowhere does it show any other objectionable material whatsoever. Villagers confirm, he never forced anyone to follow his Guru (as if that is even possible ! Oops sorry we do have Jailalitha and Congress )

This may be a village brawl being thrown out of proportions because it suits media's agenda of tarnishing Asharam Bapu's image. The teacher's only mistake if any is he is Asaram Bapu's disciple and refuses to forsake his devotion on face of being 'forced' to forsake it.

Paid to defame v/s Paid to extol

Because my Media is a two-faced bastard ! Lets have a look :

These photos depict the shock and outrage followers of certain political leader showed over her arrest in September, 2014. None of the media reports painted them black, calling them blind. All we ever got was an attempt to downplay the violence and instead prove Jaylalitha innocent because Hey ! Media too has a living to make ! Dont mess with them, they appear incensed and angry enough :)

Thumping over opponents photos because their leader was arrested in his regime. No Name-calling.  Asaram followers are called stupid and debunked whenever they point out how Sonia Gandhi plotted their Guru's fall !Mind you, Subramanian Swamy , Kailash Vijayvargiya assert the same.
Attempt to suicide over Jaylalitha's arrest. No debates of obstructing the justice, taking laws in their hands, being hooligans etc. Media was dying to extend a tissue to the grieving followers but if its Asharam Bapu - Media calls you : Gunda of Asaram even if you stand near court to have a glimpse of the court-house.

Larger than life propaganda to re-establish the notion that all is well ! Just as in with Tarun Tejpal. Awww.... he just got carried away ! Folks he deserves not just a second but billion chances. Awwwww.... Money matters :)

The tone of Coverage 


                               When we give an institution immense power, a credibility to start with and our good faith - Do you know what happens ? We give them the power to fight against those far mighty than them. The proverbial story of war between 'pen' and 'sword' has always fascinated me. But then it came to present day reality. What happens when 'pen + sword' combine to suppress an innocent ? Then we get Gandhi and Indians fighting against Britishers and Indian traitors. Then we get Shankaracharya fighting to prove his innocence, his organization & his successors he built every other day in his Life. When Media backstabs the silent citizens of this country we get Indian Express headlining "And THEY hanged Yakub", Media is a very important organization but it should not be given powers this high, that in case they breach - we have no counter mechanism to stop the tyranny that may follow. Call it my opinion but its time Indian Media is hauled and held accountable for lies and fabrication they serve us everyday just for few TRP Points.


                               And this is what happens, when Media instead of trying to bring to justice celebrities like Salman Khan or Sanjay Dutt is busy applauding them. Just because it pays. And sadly enough the same Media concocts lies around Sadhvi Pragya (the whole case against her has fizzled out, with no proof in hands even after 7 or so years). The media was the one to jump on defaming Swami Nithyanand over his CD but then why not the same treatment for Singhvi or the others. Till date, no conviction could be bought against Swami Nithyanand, with 3 forensic reports from foreign labs declaring the Original sex CD as bogus and artificially constructed. The same is evident in Asharam Bapu case, Media has shouted and shouted indecencies over 75 yr old him but now evidence has come into light that, Asharam Bapu and the girl were not even present together at alleged place and time of incidence. (Call records of girl shows her chatting with her friend, over an hour) where late she claims she was with Asaram Bapu. So. whom do we believe now ? Media or the new Truth that has come into light?

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Subramanian Swamy : Interview Transcript 2

Its 19 June, 2015. Hopes and prayers are high on roads of Jodhpur. Bail Application has been applied praying release of Asharam Bapu. Media, this time is scared and cautious: they cover the basics but do not let the actual interviews and words of Subramanian Swamy leak. They do not want the Nation to know the actual reasons why he is fighting for Bapu. We bring you this interview transcript to shatter those boundaries and harbors you have built against Mr Swamy for taking up His Highness's case.

Subramanian Swamy speaks...

Subramanian Swamy accosted by Media at Jodhpur Airport

All arguments have been closed and orders kept reserved which will be made public tomorrow. Whatever the arguments, all of it is kept confidential as it is an in-camera proceedings. So, i too would not comment on it. However, let me make this much very clear - the case against Bapu - Asharam Bapu [Crowd cheers - Swamy Ji Hail to you. Victory to you. Subramanian Swamy Smiles, says - all are devotees and waves hand to acknowledge their sentiments ]

We keep our hopes constructive. We have been winning all cases so far and wish to win this too. But as far as the case itself is considered - it is completely unfounded. It has got no legal basis to support it. This is very unfortunate and shameful, that such a great saint who when fearlessly tried stopping religious conversions* following which, all powers of world are now behind him. This case has been registered upon veiled directions of Sonia Gandhi. In our perception, ultimate justice would be when entire case will stand dismissed. and cases registered against them who accused such blatancies in the first place

* (of Hindus to other faiths - often under pressure of poverty, lures or under hopes of better amenities offered by missionaries in India)

Question : What were the arguments today ?

Today's session cant be disclosed, its secured. in a nutshell, we have shown how every statement of theirs stands negated. I have given my reasoning but I cannot reveal what actually were the arguments and what they have said;

Question : When will the decision on bail be announced ?

Results will be declared tomorrow.

Subramanian Swamy being welcomed at Jodhpur

Subramanian Swamy along with Ishkaran Bhandari [left] earlier in the day

Question - In Lalit Modi episode, Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have been implicated on charges of corruption. Will Modi Govt do anything ?

The Hindi, 30/09/2011 : Rahul Gandhi detained in Boston by FBI
Do you remember that Rahul Gandhi was caught in Boston ? He was apprehended with 1,60,000 $ in cash which means around 10 Crores. And with a pouch containing white powder. It could have been - papaver samniferum (Poppy Opium). I do not know  identity of its content for sure. He was caught and arrested. Then Sonia Gandhi came and cried in front of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Then Atal Bihari Vajpayee intervened and relayed a message to office of President Bush. After which he was let go. However, none of the fleet of you reporters had this big stomach-ache then ?

Media : No- No. Why do you relate this incident with ... [Overlapping voices!]

Yeah. So first, i recognize that 'Just because someone did a mistake, you too have procured the right to do the same' is not a valid reasoning. This is completely alright. But i wish to reveal into actual agenda of you all reporters - in never mentioning that event anywhere again ? Smriti Irani gave a false degree but Sonia Gandhi gave a fake statement under oath of law. That she has got a degree from Cambridge University. But none of you are ready to even mention it once.

Question : [Voice Unclear] ...Modi had promised a corruption free governance but this seems corruption-full governance

I feel that first of all, corruption among-st Media journalists should be cleared. Anchors such as - Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, go investigate them first. Now, when you say corruption free country was promised - i personally never said so. I only said that when & wherever corruption of any kind comes to my notice, i'll not stand back and file due legal cases. And i continue to do that. Even today, i filed case against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald Case and summons have been issued. But no one highlights it ? 

Asharam Bapu followers shower Swamy's vehicle with flowers

Question - What do have to say upon Asharam Bapu's bail tomorrow ?

According to Supreme court, and whatever judgements i have cited Asharam Bapu should get bail tomorrow. This is my view point. But eventually right now its in hand of the judge, if he does not rule in our favor. I would go out on appeal.

I have done my best to prove that he (Asaram Bapu) has been implicated and has been kept in prison just on the basis of circumstantial evidence.