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Accuser Girl's Lawyer panicks, retracts on his own statement

Accuser Girl's lawyer seems running out of arguments against Asaram Bapu. Well, what with such a shaky piece of foundation to his client's story and no evidence coming out to support his client, we do not blame his situation. However, just a piece of advice 

Little difference between truth and lie, Truth Quotes

We will soon expose how girl's lawyer had to chew on his own words after not everything went as planned. In short, people started speaking up the truth. Supreme Court on Sep 23, 2014 had asked the Rajasthan government to give it the names of six witnesses which are critical and crucial for the prosecution in the case. Sudha is one of those 6, deemed crucial by Rajasthan Government.

[ As reported by OneIndia on 23 sep ]


Why this reliance on Sixth Witness : 

Subramanian Swamy had applied for Bail of Asaram Bapu which was unfortunately rejected on 21 June 2015. However, the only reason which accuser girl's lawyer could muster up was non-examination of 6th important witness : Sudha Patel . See Subramanian Swamy tweet about it :

Subramanian Swamy calls Asharam Bapu innocent
 Subramanian Swamy tweeted

Tweet1 : Time again to go to SC for Asaram Bapu's bail because judgment states that bail is premature because sixth witness to be examined.

Tweet2: @sppanchariya @CHAUHAN2014: Bail for Asaram Bapu has become inevitable now because the PP has run out of arguments.

Lawyer before examination of Sudha Patel :

"Sudha is also an important witness in the case and her statements could strengthen prosecution's case as she had been very closely associated with Asaram and could divulge some important aspects," said counsel for the girl P C Solanki."

This has been covered separately by few media houses. Check here on Outlook or here on Zee News. Not trusting these media houses, to mischievously remove those articles after i mention them here. I attach a screenshot as well :

Sudha tells Asharam is innocent


Sudha Patel Appears in Jodhpur Session Court :

All was well, until Sudha Patel was given a chance to keep her own stand in the courtroom. She gave statement in favor of Ashram, negating her signed statement alleging interrogation team to have taken it while she was unwell and under pressure. She was not aware of content of documents signed, which was written by police using their own imagination.

Lawyer After examination of Sudha Patel :

The lawyer and courthouse went nuts. All reliance on the witness vanished but very shamelessly he started giving out new statements that Sudha's statement can instigate no new change in this case. Dear lawyer, please stop lying. Check out Dainik Bhaskar's article here.

Sudha turns hostile, supports Asharam Bapu

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