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Subramanian Swamy : Interview Transcript 2

Its 19 June, 2015. Hopes and prayers are high on roads of Jodhpur. Bail Application has been applied praying release of Asharam Bapu. Media, this time is scared and cautious: they cover the basics but do not let the actual interviews and words of Subramanian Swamy leak. They do not want the Nation to know the actual reasons why he is fighting for Bapu. We bring you this interview transcript to shatter those boundaries and harbors you have built against Mr Swamy for taking up His Highness's case.

Subramanian Swamy speaks...

Subramanian Swamy accosted by Media at Jodhpur Airport

All arguments have been closed and orders kept reserved which will be made public tomorrow. Whatever the arguments, all of it is kept confidential as it is an in-camera proceedings. So, i too would not comment on it. However, let me make this much very clear - the case against Bapu - Asharam Bapu [Crowd cheers - Swamy Ji Hail to you. Victory to you. Subramanian Swamy Smiles, says - all are devotees and waves hand to acknowledge their sentiments ]

We keep our hopes constructive. We have been winning all cases so far and wish to win this too. But as far as the case itself is considered - it is completely unfounded. It has got no legal basis to support it. This is very unfortunate and shameful, that such a great saint who when fearlessly tried stopping religious conversions* following which, all powers of world are now behind him. This case has been registered upon veiled directions of Sonia Gandhi. In our perception, ultimate justice would be when entire case will stand dismissed. and cases registered against them who accused such blatancies in the first place

* (of Hindus to other faiths - often under pressure of poverty, lures or under hopes of better amenities offered by missionaries in India)

Question : What were the arguments today ?

Today's session cant be disclosed, its secured. in a nutshell, we have shown how every statement of theirs stands negated. I have given my reasoning but I cannot reveal what actually were the arguments and what they have said;

Question : When will the decision on bail be announced ?

Results will be declared tomorrow.

Subramanian Swamy being welcomed at Jodhpur

Subramanian Swamy along with Ishkaran Bhandari [left] earlier in the day

Question - In Lalit Modi episode, Sushma Swaraj and Vasundhara Raje have been implicated on charges of corruption. Will Modi Govt do anything ?

The Hindi, 30/09/2011 : Rahul Gandhi detained in Boston by FBI
Do you remember that Rahul Gandhi was caught in Boston ? He was apprehended with 1,60,000 $ in cash which means around 10 Crores. And with a pouch containing white powder. It could have been - papaver samniferum (Poppy Opium). I do not know  identity of its content for sure. He was caught and arrested. Then Sonia Gandhi came and cried in front of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Then Atal Bihari Vajpayee intervened and relayed a message to office of President Bush. After which he was let go. However, none of the fleet of you reporters had this big stomach-ache then ?

Media : No- No. Why do you relate this incident with ... [Overlapping voices!]

Yeah. So first, i recognize that 'Just because someone did a mistake, you too have procured the right to do the same' is not a valid reasoning. This is completely alright. But i wish to reveal into actual agenda of you all reporters - in never mentioning that event anywhere again ? Smriti Irani gave a false degree but Sonia Gandhi gave a fake statement under oath of law. That she has got a degree from Cambridge University. But none of you are ready to even mention it once.

Question : [Voice Unclear] ...Modi had promised a corruption free governance but this seems corruption-full governance

I feel that first of all, corruption among-st Media journalists should be cleared. Anchors such as - Arnab Goswami, Rajdeep Sardesai, go investigate them first. Now, when you say corruption free country was promised - i personally never said so. I only said that when & wherever corruption of any kind comes to my notice, i'll not stand back and file due legal cases. And i continue to do that. Even today, i filed case against Sonia and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald Case and summons have been issued. But no one highlights it ? 

Asharam Bapu followers shower Swamy's vehicle with flowers

Question - What do you have to say upon Asharam Bapu's bail tomorrow ?

According to Supreme court, and whatever judgements i have cited Asharam Bapu should get bail tomorrow. This is my view point. But eventually right now its in hand of the judge, if he does not rule in our favor. I would go out on appeal.

I have done my best to prove that he (Asaram Bapu) has been implicated and has been kept in prison just on the basis of circumstantial evidence.

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