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Media in glee over Teacher being suspended for worshiping 'Asharam'

                    A news article is doing rounds these days, which is of a school teacher in some distant village of Barmer, Rajasthan who has been suspended from teaching because he used to worship Asharam Bapu while in school. Bizarre, isn't it ? Human Rights activists may claim that choice and object of worship isn't a preemptive ground for civil punishments but then it seems laws and common sense change over-night only when the accused is 'Asharam Bapu' or anyone being related to him !

Will destroy anyone who stands up in support of Asaram : India TV

                    I do recollect an audio clip purportedly of a recorded call conversation between a viewer and India News Channel Customer Care representative wherein, the woman very firmly and non-nonchalantly affirms that India TV Channel is bound on destroying image of any and everyone who is a supporter of Asharam Bapu ! Well, and the Irony ? Asharam Bapu supporters have only increased in past 2 years, claims TOI after their survey covering period from his arrest since Sep, 2013. (I am sharing the youtube link of recorded conversation : at 02:48).

                   Well Well, Media proposes God disposes. Then there's again the issue of how you portray and investigate this issue. More colorful and consequently, scripted by imaginative media reports chime in about how the teacher used to 'force' students to bow down before Asharam Bapu's photos, not to mention make them do his 'pooja' and task them onto memorizing 'Asaram Chalisa'. Now, at this point let me make one thing very clear. I have been acquainted with what media calls Asaram Bapu's Cult/franchise/organization for more than a decade. Had there been anything such as 'Asaram Chalisa' it would have been widely publicized and orated at least to his followers. But i assure you, 'Asaram Chalisa' is nothing but a figment of Media's mission to defame him. The only doubt i harbor is - whether all of it is personal vendetta or as Ishkaran Bhandari puts in - 'a Paid campaign against Bapu' ? Have your choice.

The Original Coverage of facts : Hindustan Times

                      Coming back to the topic in hand : strolling through all related news articles, one that caught my attention was a more than detailed coverage by Hindustan Times, which did not stop at usual suspended- inquiry is on template but also covered Villager's reactions and did include some visual shots as well.

                     Some important excerpts from the article here / cached. " However, on Saturday morning, another group of villagers reached the school, locked its gates and protested against the teacher’s suspension. Khinchi said that the protesters claimed that the teacher used to preach Asaram’s lesson to the students earlier, but he had stopped doing so after a warning. Citing that the teacher was sincere towards the students, the protesters demanded that his suspension be revoked."

                What's wrong with the photo ? It shows a calender, some books published by Asaram Bapu's ashram so naturally bearing his photo on cover page and i am not sure but some stickers as well. Now, the question even if the teacher had given this to any student - why didn't the students/families refuse or politely decline ? All this pics appears to be of  Teacher's personal room or staff room. So, how does pasting anyone's photo in their own personal space warrant a suspension ?

Source : Hindustan Times

The Salient Points :

1. The Teacher being a follower of Asaram Bapu had related materials with him. Probably, he passed on some of it to people around him including his students to read. People objected to it, he stopped handing them out.

2. He is a very dedicated and sincere teacher, so much so that even when he has been suspended and being abused by Media - a portion of villagers actually stood out to protest against his suspension order. And this is a very big thing ! Soliciting a loyal band of supporters even in midst of allegations can never be possible without force of character.

3. Media taken pics only show photos of his Guru, which he has got in his School. Nowhere does it show any other objectionable material whatsoever. Villagers confirm, he never forced anyone to follow his Guru (as if that is even possible ! Oops sorry we do have Jailalitha and Congress )

This may be a village brawl being thrown out of proportions because it suits media's agenda of tarnishing Asharam Bapu's image. The teacher's only mistake if any is he is Asaram Bapu's disciple and refuses to forsake his devotion on face of being 'forced' to forsake it.

Paid to defame v/s Paid to extol

Because my Media is a two-faced bastard ! Lets have a look :

These photos depict the shock and outrage followers of certain political leader showed over her arrest in September, 2014. None of the media reports painted them black, calling them blind. All we ever got was an attempt to downplay the violence and instead prove Jaylalitha innocent because Hey ! Media too has a living to make ! Dont mess with them, they appear incensed and angry enough :)

Thumping over opponents photos because their leader was arrested in his regime. No Name-calling.  Asaram followers are called stupid and debunked whenever they point out how Sonia Gandhi plotted their Guru's fall !Mind you, Subramanian Swamy , Kailash Vijayvargiya assert the same.
Attempt to suicide over Jaylalitha's arrest. No debates of obstructing the justice, taking laws in their hands, being hooligans etc. Media was dying to extend a tissue to the grieving followers but if its Asharam Bapu - Media calls you : Gunda of Asaram even if you stand near court to have a glimpse of the court-house.

Larger than life propaganda to re-establish the notion that all is well ! Just as in with Tarun Tejpal. Awww.... he just got carried away ! Folks he deserves not just a second but billion chances. Awwwww.... Money matters :)

The tone of Coverage 


                               When we give an institution immense power, a credibility to start with and our good faith - Do you know what happens ? We give them the power to fight against those far mighty than them. The proverbial story of war between 'pen' and 'sword' has always fascinated me. But then it came to present day reality. What happens when 'pen + sword' combine to suppress an innocent ? Then we get Gandhi and Indians fighting against Britishers and Indian traitors. Then we get Shankaracharya fighting to prove his innocence, his organization & his successors he built every other day in his Life. When Media backstabs the silent citizens of this country we get Indian Express headlining "And THEY hanged Yakub", Media is a very important organization but it should not be given powers this high, that in case they breach - we have no counter mechanism to stop the tyranny that may follow. Call it my opinion but its time Indian Media is hauled and held accountable for lies and fabrication they serve us everyday just for few TRP Points.


                               And this is what happens, when Media instead of trying to bring to justice celebrities like Salman Khan or Sanjay Dutt is busy applauding them. Just because it pays. And sadly enough the same Media concocts lies around Sadhvi Pragya (the whole case against her has fizzled out, with no proof in hands even after 7 or so years). The media was the one to jump on defaming Swami Nithyanand over his CD but then why not the same treatment for Singhvi or the others. Till date, no conviction could be bought against Swami Nithyanand, with 3 forensic reports from foreign labs declaring the Original sex CD as bogus and artificially constructed. The same is evident in Asharam Bapu case, Media has shouted and shouted indecencies over 75 yr old him but now evidence has come into light that, Asharam Bapu and the girl were not even present together at alleged place and time of incidence. (Call records of girl shows her chatting with her friend, over an hour) where later she claims she was with Asaram Bapu. So. whom do we believe now ? Media or the new Truth that has come into light?

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