Thursday, September 10, 2015

Hindustan Times intentionally leaves out protest in favour Asaram Bapu

           Asaram Bapu supporters and people acquainted with case have long since targeted media for its insensitivity and being bodacious. Had you been one of those who had given oh! our so modern and impartial journalists a mental ovation and pat on back for showing no mercy to Asaram ( Bapu ), take a step back. Media was being uptight and ferocious not because they were characteristically built so. It was all a show. Aimed at bringing utter character assassination of Asaram Bapu, his son Narayan Sai, his ashrams and any & all in solidarity with him. What would you think when someone covers all gatherings of protests barring a single. An oversight. I do not think so. 5th SEP 2015 protest march from Rajghat to Jantar Mantar, was attended by Sadhvi Prachi (Leader: VHP) , Ishkaran Bhandari (Lawyer and aide of Dr Subramanian Swamy), Ramesh Bidhuri (Member of Parliament and a member of BJP) amongst others.
             On 6th Sep 2015, Hindustan Times published a report titled : Jantar Mantar: A melting pot of protests, politics and more. In this article, Manoj Sharma covers various protests being carried out by various sections of society. Some even dating back 3 years. What however was very astonishing was leaving out protest in favor of Asaram Bapu, which saw a huge gathering and march the same day, at same place where the author researches upon and covers other protests viz OROP, Movement Against Reservation (MAR), Students against management etc. I guess someone had his ears and eyes shut tight exactly in the direction in which Asaram Bapu supporters where. Or someone had their hands bind tight against covering any news which may impart to Asaram Bapu even a slight positive side.

              The same protest has been covered separately by other media houses such as Sudershan News, A2Z News, Samachar Plus (Rajasthan), Gulistan News as well as print media etc. So, now that i retrospect i remember an article published by Rajiv Malhotra which challenged and emphasized almost similar media roles in another scandal : Swami Nithyanand's. To Quote him :

                 At first a highly sensational sexual charge was broadcast in order to devastate his credibility and create an atmosphere in which any and all kinds of outlandish allegations would be taken at face value. Once the media and popular sentiments had been turned against him, there was one amazing allegation after another in rapid sequence. It was clear that none of this was spontaneous but was being centrally orchestrated under a systematic plan.
                 What became evident to me was that there was cooperation in informal and unofficial ways among the media, police and lower level judiciary. In fact, many third parties were aware of the attack in advance and had warned his people before it happened with specific details of the plan.
                      You could read Rajiv Malhotra's complete article here at original link or the permalink cached version. Also, if Hindustan Times edits out the previous link so as be no more working, here is cached copy. This is not the first time something like this has happened, in Asaram Bapu case in particular or with Hindu saints in general. There was scant media reports when medical report of accuser girl ruled out rape. Reports? Clips, Debates on Narayan Sai being termed absconder was streamed for months. However, when same Narayan Sai's absconder status was later quashed by Delhi Court, there was not a single camera to cover it. When you start leaving out all those events/ facades and facts sequentially that point to Asaram Bapu being framed, readers can have a fair guess : Who could be the real conspirators or atleast an aide in the agenda. 

                     On a parting note, i do not blame someone for anything. The tactics of turning blind eye to truth and excessively fanning out fake stories does nothing eventually.As its always truth that triumphs.

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