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Divya Prerna Prakash : What's the controversy ?

About the Book :

The book on its initial pages carries on the following foreword and word of introduction about the book : Divya Prerna Prakash.
" Many good persons have been degraded by following the Freudian psychology, whereas many ordinary people have become great by following the Yoga psychology of Patanjali. ‘The Secret of Eternal Youth’ is a book based on the psychology of Rishi Patanjali. It must be read without fail. As you read this book, you will gradually get divine inspiration and light. You must not only read this book five times yourself but should also carry out the divine service of distributing it to others. This book provides moral understanding to the youths and helps them to get rid of their evil sex habits bringing about a divine transformation in their lives. So you too carry out the noble service of distributing this book to 2-5 people without fail. It will be considered a service to the nation and mankind as a whole, nay, to God Himself "
This book is published and marketed by Asaram Bapu ashrams, as a effective means of countering rampant moral degradation amongst youth of India following blind western following and in absence of appropriate guardianship.

The Controversy :

Recently, many news articles have reported this book to instead being a book which induces sex, enlargement of sexual organs, safe sex and tips on sex. Must i remind them, that's the work of our esteemed journal houses and main stream media. The voice which remains mum on nude cover photos of India Today Magazines and blatant advertising of sexual products on back pages of Dainik Bhaskar, the voice which happily lauds pervert conversation and ideas on AIB Knockout is the voice that wishes to calm and destroy down any voice that urges Indians to be honest with their family and increase self control.

Anti Jindu allergy of Indian Media

Lies and Distortion

As opposed to media reports that the book is on sex tips and sexual practices. The book actually compiles stories from Mahabharat, Works of Patanjali, Upanishads and stories from life of other great scholars. We present few excerpts from the book for your analysis :

"The present education system - a legacy of the British colonial regime - is completely indifferent towards moral values. Consequently, today’s students start leading an unrestrained and indulgent life, even as bachelors. There is also a growing tendency among today’s youth to blindly imitate western conduct and manners. Thus they indulge in fashion, impure eating, immoral behaviour, bad company, vulgarity, cinema, etc., thereby suffering a gradual degeneration. They are becoming weak and lustful. Their sorry state indicates their complete ignorance about the glory of brahmacharya."
Continuing on, it quotes Swami Ramatirth's works and draws an interesting parallel from a survey conducted in Cambridge University.

"When Swami Rama Tirtha was a professor, he had drawn a list of successful and unsuccessful students which brought him to the conclusion that those students, who were engrossed in base pleasures during the examination days or immediately before the examination, were often unsuccessful - even though they were considered to be good students in the class. On the other hand, all those students whose minds were pure and focused during the examination days, were successful.

A survey conducted in the colleges of Britain’s world famous ‘Cambridge University’ also gives a warning to unrestrained students. Accordingly, those colleges in which the students led an unrestrained life overindulging in promiscuity, showed poorer results compared to those in which the students were more restrained.  To control sexual desire is a Herculean task. That is why Manu Maharaj states, “One should not sit even with his own mother, sister, or daughter in solitude. The sense organs are not easily controllable and may lead to the downfall of even wise people.”

Press Note by Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson

We are also attaching English translation of a press note given by Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson - Asharam Bapu Ashrams regarding this book and controversy.

Neelam Bubey releases note to Dabang Dunia
Dabang Reporter, Do not spread lies

Article: 'Do not spread lies about Divya Prerna Prakash'
Synopsis: Spokesperson for Sant Asharam Bapu Ashram has criticized media created controversy around competitions being organized in schools around Divya Prerna Prakash. In one such statement, spokesperson for the Ashram has said - Contents of Books being distributed propel kids towards physical, intellectual, mental up-being and health and brings in moral and character stability. Books include various techniques for rejuvenating and enhancing life force, secrets for success during stressful exam conditions. It also includes the value and importance of cultural values, respecting parents, health tips, Yoga and eating time and habits.

Read it Yourself :

Publishers have made the book online in both English and Hindi, which is also available for free on Google Play Books. May i urge my vigilante readers to read it yourself before swaying in to media reports published from vested agendas,

Secret of Eternal Youth  : Read Online
दिव्य प्रेरणा प्रकाश : Online
Google Play Store : Hindi
Kindle Edition : Hindi
Google Books : English

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