Thursday, October 22, 2015

Biased and Humiliating : News24 Debates over Asharam Bapu

This is in context of debate organized by a TV Channel "News 24" over Asharam Bapu case, titled "5 Ki Panchayat". It telecast-ed on 21st Oct 2015, a copy of which has been uploaded on you tube too. News24 has been hosting such talks since over 2 years, and somehow they always focus on stories and selective facts which could portray Asharam Bapu in bad light. Their agenda for yesterday was "Why was so much money being burnt on Asharam Bapu ?"

Asharam Bapu, confident and smiling


The Agenda introduced sums of 8 crores, 150 police officials to have been used for court proceedings of Asharam Bapu. They did not provide any official verification for this amount. Neither was the source/ expenditure break up introduced. Anchor gave a value, we were supposed to treat it as absolute truth. 

Panel Members
1. Anchor 

2. Rekha Aggarwal, Sr Advocate

3. Neelam Dubey, Spokesperson
Asharam Bapu has done a lot for hinduism, says H S Rawat

5. Deepak Dubey

So, as you would notice the ratio of this panchayat stands as 4:1 , only one member has been invited to speak in support of Asharam Bapu, all others usually rant against him, which shows how biased the show has been from start.

You may be wondering why i have included anchor in any group, for or against. But then, News24 channel is facing impending court proceedings due to morphed video it aired on its channel. The case was registered by person, directly insulted there-in. So its natural humane expression that News24 is miffed and wants to revenge insult Asharam Bapu's followers and organization. Oh you didn't get it ? News24 aired a carefully doctored video of asharam bapu. Catch it here


How they treated Neelam Dubey ???


1. She was never given independence to speak over issues. A pre determined question was first developed by anchor in collabration with other panelists, then Neelam Dubey was accused for the issue and then in octaves two level high, anchor almost slammed her to answer that question ?

2. When, she to her credit asked about source of dubious claims made by channel such as 2 Lakhs was used when Asharam Bapu travelled from Jodhpur to Old Delhi Station via train, 15 crores have been spent till date. She was immediately attacked by anchor over raising this issue > She was told she is engineering tactics to avoid answering questions. (If she had to avoid answering, why would she agree for a 4:1 panel, sorry war zone ?)

3. When after getting no response from anchor over verification of these figures, she called channel to be intentionally misleading, her sound connection was immediately cut. She was speaking but no one was made to hear it. Can you imagine, a channel cuts someone's voice when she asked for verification/source of the agenda, she is expected to debate upon.

4. Neelam Dubey was called upon to speak sub-subserviently and docilely so as to maintain her image of Asharam Bapu's spokesperson. All other panelists however were free to behave as they wished. All restrictions just for Asharam Bapu.


Other Panelists


I wish to comment on what H S Rawat said, that Asharamji has done a lot for Hindu religion and if he's innocent law would prove it. Also, Rekha Aggarwal cautioned the supporters not to create a law and order situation, to which i completely agree. However, she could have verified the fact if the supporters actually led to any such thing based on ground reports. But then anchor was serving these facts as some immortal and unquestioned truths. Dont even get me started on anchor, its better i keep my mouth shut.

Over course of debate/mud slinging/ war zone/ no peace zone.... When Neelam Dubey questioned Rekha over fact that Tarun Tejpal, claused under same 376 rape law is out on bail, and person who happily murdered people by driving their vehicles over them are out on bail, Rekha only told 2 cases cant be compared. Yaa, after all one is related to Congress, other to underworld , how do we compare them ?

I intend to do a follow-up on agenda raised by News24, on this blog where at least i'm sure my views wont be cut out.

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